Not human.

A small police girl finds herself in the middle of a dark and spooky night. She has to make a choice to escape the horrors that she faces.

The Undead.

    "On June 12th, this priest was assigned to Cheddar Village." Captain Fark explained, pointing to the screen of the T.V where it showed a man vested in a plain white garment with a cross tied around the waist.
    "One month later," The Captain went on, "People in the village started to disapear. The local police department conducted an investigation. They went to the church to arrest the priest the day before yesterday. However, all of them were killed." He dropped the photo of the once good priest he was holding to the table with a frown. "The London Police Department ordered D-11 to go into action."
    Integra Hellsing seemed to chuckle at that last part.
    "Our elite D-11 unit was sent to deal with the priest, but they lost half their men in yesterday's action." Lieutenant Gin, who was standing besides his captain, said, "What's worse, the attackers were identified as the local policemen who were presumed dead."
    Integra wasn't really paying much attention to these two fools. They were just rambling and rambling. She calmly reached for a ciggar and blazed it. It amused her how little these men knew of the real danger that they faced.
    "They're not human." She simply said.
    "The vampire sucked their blood and used them as food. They became cannibalistic monsters. Ghouls.  I'm sure you've attended the lecture."
    "But to say they're not human..."
    "Captain," Integra said, "I don't have the right, nor the intention to point out your mistake."
    "My mistake...?"
    "What happened at Cheddar Village." Intergra turned off her ciggar by pressing it against a small dish near her coffee.  "You, as a captain in the London Police Department should have had the knowledge to understand and determine what would be the wisest way to handle the situation. Yet it seems you intentionally forgot that there is only one way to resolve this sort of thing." She stood from her chair and walked to the window. "You should have known what the result would result, even if your tried to take care of it with your elite unit."
    "I haven't forgotten about The Royal Order of the Religious Knights...." The Captain protested in defense. "The Hellsing Organization."
    "Night is falling..." Integra said, looking out the windows, barely paying attention to the Captain.
    "Sir Integra Hellsing..." The Captain said.
    "My organization has already arrived in Cheddar."
    "How many divisions did you send?" The lieutenant asked.
    "One person."

    The full moon hung above the sky, shining like a beacon of power. The wind blew with a freezing chill that would spook anyone watching a horror movie. It was as if the night itself was calling for the creatures of the dark to appear.
    He walked calmy through the forest, without a worry of the world. He was heading to the church where he will put an end to it all. So confident was he that he was smiling all the way.
    "A great night..." He whispered into the wind. "The kind of night that makes me want to drink blood."
    The smile on his face showed that he meant those words.

    At Cheddar, near the village's church, D-11 suffered the same fate as the rest of London's Police officers. They were attacked, bitten and killed by a powerful creature, stronger than any man alive.
    Seras had been inside the truck when the attack began and was force to watch her comrades get killed by some humanoid monster. When it left, and everyone she knew was either dead or gravely wounded. It was a nightmare come true.
    Seras came out of the truck. She saw Jack laying near a tree, bleeding from a wound. She went back inside the truck, to fetch a first aid kit to help her friend.
    Jack wore kind smile on his face. A smile that said he accepted his fate. "Seras..." He tried to whisper something to her, but nothing but her name came out.
    "Jack, please dont try to talk!" Seras said. "Reinforcement will be arriving soon!" She took a desinfective spray from the kit and applyed it to Jack wound. A bite mark left by whatever attacked them. Then she began working on bandeging the arm.
    She cried as she did so. "I wasn't expecting anything like this. I-I don't like this. I wanted to be strong so you and everyone else would stop calling me little kitty. I swore I would never cry at a crime scene." Tears ran down her cheeks even as she said that. "Jack, please!"
    Jack moaned then rose to his feet, throwing Seras against a tree. Slowly, he came at her, his face devoid of emotions and his skin pale white.
    "Jack!!" Seras screamed. Instictively, she pulled her gun out and pointed it at her former friend. Or was it her friend? She didn't know.
    "Jack, stop!" She pleaded.
    He charged at her.
    Seras wacked him in the head with the back of the pistol, not wanting to hurt her friend. She believed that he was in there somewhere. "That's enough!" She said and ran. Ran through the forest, trying to get away. When she got to the truck, she found her other companions had risen as well. "Everybody's coming back....Dead?!"
    Seras felt as if she was a in horror movie. And at that moment, she was. Her friends had become zombies and were now trying to kill her.
    "Andy...Eugene...Guys! It's me! Little kitty! Can't you tell?"
    It was futile. They kept coming at her, like zombies wanting brains. Seras shot Andy, but the bullet did nothing to him.
    Not sure of what to do, Seras ran. Ran for her life. She didn't know where she was going or where she was. She just wanted to get away. Away from that nightmare.

    Meanwhile, onboard a helicopter, Integra Hellsing put on a head set with a mic. "I am on my way to Cheddar now." She reported to the London's Pilice Department. "The hunter I sent is perfectly suited for this type of situation. You can leave everything in our capable hands."

    Seras ran as fast as her feet would allow. When her stamina deplited, she stopped to take a breathe. "I didn't...I didn't join D-11 to do this."
    A sound from the bushes alerted her and shet quickly pointed her weapon towards the sound. She wasn't too surprised to find one of those, undead things, emerging from the trees. By the looks of the clothing, Seras could tell this one was one of Cheddar's local citizen.
    "They're not human." She said, aiming at it. "Not human..."
    Just when she was about to press the trigger, a hand emmerged from its chest, turning the thing to dust. When the dust cleared, a lone man, stood there. He wore black charcoal suit  with flamboyant, intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a full-length, red frock overcoat with cape. He also wore a red fedora hat with a wide, floppy brim and a pair of circular, heavily tinted, wire-framed orange sunglasses with goggle sidings.
    Seras was afraid he would attack her like the rest did. But a long minute passed where he made no move towards her. They stared at each other for a long moment in silence. Seras didn't know what to do then, run or shoot.
    "It's a great night." The man said, smiling. "Isn't it, police girl?"
    Seras raised an eyebrow, "Huh?!"
    "This is the kind of night that makes me feel like sucking blood."
    Seras shot him in the shoulder, leaving a deadly wound that would've normally desabled anyman's arm. But not him. His shoulder simply began to regenerate in an inhuman fashion. Even the hole left in the coat, was regenerated.
    The man simply laughed.
    Seras eyes widened. "You're not...Human!" She yelled and ran.
    He stood there, and watched her go in amusement. "So, you shoot because I'm not human? Interesting."

    "What am I doing?" Seras asked herself, after running for what seemed to her was hours. "Where am I trying to escape to in this hell of a place?" These creatures, zombies, whatever they were. They were going to get her. Whats worse, they couldn't be killed!
    She arrived at what seemed to be a graveyard, full of tumbstones scattereed around the field. At the center, was a church. It seemed spooky and suspecious and she didn't like he looks of it. But what other choice did she have? She needed to hide, anywhere. So she ran inside.
    The place looked empty. Not a sould to be seen or heard. Still, Seras kept her weapon raised and ready. Six candles glowed at the altar, providing the church with a dim light, not enough to eluminate the entire place, but enough for her comfort.
    "The Church always opens its doors to people in distress." Said a deep voice.
    Seras looked to the shadows on the corner next to the candle, where she the silhuette of a man. A priest. He walked to the altar and placed a hand on a book. The bible, Seras guess.
    "You are still a young lady." The priest said, "So fresh and full of life. But the undead from Hell have frightened you. Poor girl!"
    Seras had been sent to Chedder to hunt down a demon priest. Was he, it? "Are you...The priest?"
    "I'm merely a person who gives guidance to the weak." he said.
    "I am on a mission..." Seras said, "And the most likely suspect would be..But, you're normal."
    "You're referring to those ghouls you encountered outside." The priest said as he walked down the altar.
    "Their blood was food for the vampire. They are just animated corpses, who exist only to serve vampires."
    Seras gulped. "V-vampires?"
    "That's right," The priest said, his red eyes glowing in the dark. "Vampires don't embrace every human. For example..."
    Seras felt a strange force grabbed her and pulled her right to his arms. She felt compelled to abey his every command.
    "Let me go."
    The priest looked at her in the eye. "I would never make you a ghoul. Coursing through your body is warm blood that's unbelievably sweet." He came in closer, opening his mouth, showing off the fangs that truly made him look terrifying.
    Seras fought the compulsion. She fought with her will for control over her body. "You..." She said, "I'll shoot you." She raised her gun and pressed the barrell against the priest's forehead. "I'll blow your brains out, then tell everyone..."
    If the priest was bothered by the fact that she held her gun at his forehead, at point blank, he did not show it. "I know you're feeling pain," he said, his voice compelling. "But I will give you pleasure that lasts forever."
    Seras wanted to press the trigger. But her body was not reacting to her will. So the priest drew in closer to her neck. He was goingto bite her, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.
    Just then, the church's double door were blast open and the man in red coat stood there. The man she had shot earlier.
    "That's enough." He said, "Punk!"
    "Who are you?" The priest asked, not too pleased of the intrusion.
    "My name is Alucard." The red coated man said, "I'm merely a tool of the special operations agency, Hellsing. I dispose of garbage."
    "Garbage?! Hah!" The priest laughed. "Special operations agency?! Have you lost your mind?"
    "No," Alucard said simply. "You're the maggot underneath the garbage. Look at you! That cheap outfit isn't even fit for a carnival."
    Seras just stood there, baffled by what was going on.
    Alucard walked inside the church, inviting himself in. "What do you think you're going?" Alucard said to the priest, "Wearing a priest outfit. You don't even know the meaning of shame. That's what makes you trash."
    "Bastard," The priest hissed and from the rows of seat, emerged an army of ghouls, with guns, most of them being police officer. "You will die."
    Alucard did not seemed the least bit intimidated by it though. He just kept on walking down the middle isle. "You're a narrow-minded king," He said, "Who creates a host of ghouls to keep as slaves. You're a coward incapable of acting on your own. Even Hell wouldn't accept you!"
    "Kill him!" Commanded the priest.
    A barrage of bullets erupted the weapons of every ghoul in the church, from all direction. Alucard took it all. The bullets hit him on every part of his body, one even blowing one of his hands off. Saras watched as he was blasted to bits. His glasses were blown off, and shattered against the ground.
    Satisfied, the priest clapped his hands once and the shotting stopped. Alucard,s body fell to the ground, blood scattered around the area.
    "He was all talk." The priest said. Seras tried to run but he grabbed her by the throat, wrapping a head around her neck and holding her there. She closed her eyes, beaten. There was no way of getting away now. She was doomed.    
    Minutes passed in silence. Then laugher was heard. But it wasn't from the ghouls or the priest hold her. It was from...Alucard! The blood around his body began to retract to their host and all pieces of skin, along with the broken hand, seemed to get back into place.
    "It-It can't be!" The priest said, now realizing it. But Seras had suspected it all along.
    Alucard rose even as his body repeaired itself. "Guns are useless against me!"
    The priest's eyes widened in horror. "You're a...?"
    "Ordinary guns that is." Alucard corrected.
    "Damn Ghouls, Kill him!" Ordered the priest.
    Now, Alucard pulled his own weapon. A personal gun built especially to deal with creatures of the dark. A single bullet of that magnificent creature held enough force to blast anyone's head off with a single shot. And with incredible speed, Alucard blasted the ghouls to dust with it.
    Seras watched as he killed them all. "He's not human.."
    "Why?! Why are you doing this?" The priest cried, "We're both vampires!"
    "You instant vampires are cockroaches." Alucard said, reloading the gun. "Multiplying everywhere before you know it. I can't stand your kind, half-ass vampires without the slightest bit of self-respect. You don't even know what you are!
    "By the way," Alucard added, as he pointed his gun at the scared priest.  "A silver-cross from the Great Lanchester Church was melted down to cast the 13milimeters explosive rounds in this gun. So relax. You won't feel a thing!"
    The Preist cowered behind Seras, seeing no other way to beat this formidable foe. "She's the only surviving human." he said as he tightened his grip on Seras's throat. "I know you can't shoot her. You're a servant of the humans. Hahahah...!"
    Seras looked into Alucards eyes. There was something diferent about him. He certainly was no ordinary vampire, and she knew he will not shoot her.
    "Say, aren't we both vampires?" The priest said, "Humans are just lower creatures. inferior to us in every way. Yes...You should help me escape. Come with me. If we work together we could rule this world."
    Nor Seras or Alucard was paying any attention to the priest though. They were both looked at each other's eyes. Both knew that something had to be done. That this curropted priest could not be left alive.
    "Police Girl..."
    "I'm going to shoot you in the lungs." Alucard said, "The bullet will pass through you to hit that trash vampire in the heart."
    "W..Wait a minute!" The priest took a step back, but still keeping Seras held tight, close to him. "You can't be serious?"
    "You don't want to die now?" Alucard asked Seras. She didnt respond, just kept starring, not sure of what to do anymore. "Do you want to come with me?" Alucard asked. "I won't force you. The choice is yours.
    Seras didn't know what to do. She just wanted it all to end. But Alucard was impatient and she had to answer. So she closed her eyes and let her heart decice...
    The bullet went through her lungs, like Alucard had said, and blasted the vampire priest against the wall behind. Seras fell to the ground, the air from her body shot away. She was going to die. But she had made a choice. A choice that made Alucard pick her from the ground and bit her neck. just like that, she had become what she had been running away from.
    A Vampire.

The End

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