The Undead

The world has taken a turn for the worse.

I have been walking for days on my own.

I know there must be someone else out there.

Someone like me.


I woke up, bright and early. I had to move on fast if I wanted to survive. I hadn't seen anyone for weeks.

 I don't understand where the survivors are if there are any, surely there's someone else like me out there?

I stretched out, struggling to my feet- they were still aching from hours of endless walking- I looked around, to see if i could spot anyone, nothing.

I needed to find a source of water, I was running low. I only carried what I needed to help me survive: a bottle of water, a pocket knife, and a half eaten energy bar.

I walked down the road which seemed to be never ending, it felt like I was in the middle of no where. About twenty minutes had passed and I came across a small, wrecked garage; which seemed empty. I snuck inside, opening and closing the door quietly behind me. With my knife in hand, I crouched down, moving forward cautiously towards the drinks isle.

 I kept my wits about me. I had no idea what to expect in here. I opened the fridge door slowly. Anxiously, I picked up a bottle of water.

I heard a noise behind me, I turned like a bullet clenching my knife ready to attack whatever had startled me, there was nothing there.

C'mon, I thought to myself, focus now.

I picked up what was left of a packet of crisps, sliding them into my back pocket. I left the shop, double checking no one had spotted me.



The End

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