Stage Four: Abnormal Bodily AbilitiesMature

Avril woke up in a stretcher, but she was so tired; she didn't have the strength or desire to try to escape. She found an unfamiliar face crouched over in a chair below her TV. He was scribbling something onto a clipboard- an action that made Avril remember Dr. Irvin and what had happened when she went completely crazy on the nurses and doctors. The man in the corner glanced up at her, and she could now his breathing mask on, just like everyone else. "You're up." He mumbled. Avril rolled her eyes. "No, I just open my eyes and have conversations in my sleep."

He walked over to her. "You can talk all you want, Avril. But just remember that you can't do a thing when you're in this stretcher." Avril ignored him. "Who are you?" He pushed his oval glasses up his bridge nose. "I'm Doctor James Kiljano."

"Where's Doctor Irvin?"

Dr. Kiljano coughed. "He's arranging things for his daughter's funeral." Avril's eyes popped out of her head (not literally) and her mouth hung open. "I-I.. killed her?" She started to cry, but through the bleakness of her vision, she could see her doctor nod. She broke into a hysterical sob. "I'm a monster!"

"I'm not going to argue with that." She looked up at her doctor. "If I wasn't in this friggin' strecher, I'd kill you, too!" He chuckled. "Like I said, Avril- Talk all you want." He wrote something, then turned out the door. Avril began to fumble with the cuffs holding her arms down, not realizing that her fingers extended and bent backwards in the effort. Not at first, anyways. She managed to get her arms free, but she couldn't get her legs or torso out of the strecher.


The End

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