Stage Three: Motive To KillMature

"Avril, please calm down."

Avril gritted her teeth and slowly walked toward Dr. Irvin, leaning over his bruising body with the sedation tightly gripped in her right hand. "You wanna know what I'm really getting sick of? Huh?" Dr. Irvin remained silent, but flinched with every inch closer that she got to him. "Being told to calm down. Because you know what? I. Don't. Want. To. Calm. DOWN!" She stomped on his ankle, and he winced in pain, reaching for it.

"Avril, stop it. Now." A voice came from behind Avril, and she pivoted around to see who had spoken to her. A plump nurse stepped forward. "We're not trying to hurt you. You're the one doing the hurting. But we," She motioned around to the wounded nurses, "Are trying to help you. We can't do that if you don't settle down. I know that you're confused, but so are we. We really don't know what else is wrong with you. You need to understand that." Avril blinked. The nurse continued. "So please give the syringe to me." She held out her chubby hand.

Avril shook her head. "I don't believe you. I don't trust you. I just want to go home." Tears spilled out of her eyes, and she sniffled. The nurse started to walk over to her, arms open for a hug. But Avril knew better. She kicked the nurse back into the wall with one extended leg, and held the syringe forward. "Don't even get close to me. Don't touch me. Understood?" Her voice was shaky now, but she still managed to scare the crap out of the nurses. They nodded in unison, and all was silent for a moment.

Avril walked over to the hospital bed and picked up the clipboard. "Look at that. Next stage is 'Motive To Kill.' Hm, think I got that one." She sneered. "And after that, it's.." Her eyes widened.

"You have got to be kidding me." Her eyes scanned down the page, growing wider and tearier with every second that passed. A younger nurse ripped it out of her hands. "That's classified information, young lady." Avril grabbed her by the collar of her shirt. "It's about me. I think I deserve to know what's happening to me! You all are worthless liars, and I hate you." She held the syringe up to the squirming nurses left eye, but right as she was about to inject it, a hoard of nurses jumped on her, bringing her to the ground with a thud.

Avril thrashed about, poking the needle into many women's faces. They grasped at their faces in pain and shock, giving her the chance to find the young nurse once again. She grabbed her long black hair and pulled her forward, whilst she screamed in terror. Avril held the nurses head inbetween her legs so that she couldn't move, and she thrust the needle through her eyeball.

Blood and other bodily material flowed out of the wound and the nurse screamed so loudly that Avril thought her skull would tear open. "HELP ME!" The nurses payed no mind to Avril now- they all huddled around their fellow co worker, trying to help her. Avril hopped up on the bed so that she could see above everything. She watched as the nurses head slowly fell to the side, falling into a deep sleep, her eyes still open- a scene Avril would've normally found terribly haunting, she now found exciting and joyful to watch.

Dr. Irvin used whatever strength he had left to turn to look up at Avril.

"How could you?" His voice quavered. "She was my daughter."

The End

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