Stage Two: WhiteoutMature

She quickly shut herself up- the last thing she wanted was to have all the nurses and doctors in her room again. Tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes, and slid down her pale and peeling cheeks. She was absolutely hideous.

Her skin was as white as snow, and it was peeling everywhere. Now that she noticed it, her skin burned. She leaned her head forward to see if her scalp had it too, when she discovered something else. She had white roots. "White.. hair?" Her hand grazed over her scalp- she was in disbelief. She was only fifteen, and her hair was making her look like she was fifty! She pushed her newly white hair away, and saw that her scalp was white and flaky too. Doc was right.

She bared her teeth, and saw that her teeth were white as well. But not the good kind of white. Her teeth were turning so white, that it was almost painful to look at. And they were starting to get a transparent look to them. Suddenly, the spots where her IVs had been started to sting, and so she turned her arms over to see why she felt the sudden pain.

She could see her blood rushing through her veins through her skin, and the veins all wrapped around her bones. It made her sick. She leaned over the toilet and threw up for what felt like forever. I've had enough of this. I want to know what's happening to me. She ran out the bathroom and pounded on the red emergency button on the wall hundreds of times.

"What's the- Oh my God." She heard panicked and concerned voices speaking behind her. She began to wonder why they weren't pinning her down, but then she remembered what her reflection had looked like. She grinned, and turned to face the doctors and nurses. "Hello. I was getting lonely, and wanted some company. I hope you don't mind." Her own voice scared her- hollow, cold, empty. But she didn't let it show. The old man who had come to check on her stepped forward. "Nope, don't mind at all. In fact, we're glad to be here." He was trying to be calm, but Avril could see right through him. Even he was scared of her.

"Do you want to play a game?" She took a step forward, sending the nurses back one. The doctor set his clipboard and pen down on the hospital bed and looked back at Avril. "Of course. What game?" The corners of Avril's mouth formed an evil smile. "Well, I was thinking we could play a few. Why don't we start with one of my favorites? It's called, 'Truth'. All you do is ask a person a question, and they have to answer it truthfully. I'll start. Doctor.." She glanced at the doctor's nametag, "Doctor Irvin. What's happening to me?" He sighed."Avril, I've already told you-"

"ANSWER MY QUESTION!!" Avril shrieked, sending Dr. Irvin a step back this time, too. "Stage One, Major Moodswings. Stage Two, Whiteout. Stage Three-" He paused. "That's all I really know, Avril."

She was extremely furious with the doctor now. She lunged forward and leaped onto the man's frontside, clutching onto his body with her legs. She pounded on his chest, bit him, and screamed into his face. The nurses tried to pry her off, but she would smack them across the face, putting them into a very minor state of shock. "Someone, sedate her!" Dr. Irvin yelled, and almost immediately, a nurse came forward with a needle. "NO!" Avril screamed, leaping off of the man, and knocking the medication out of the nurses hand by hitting her. She then kicked the woman's stomach with her bare foot into the wall, and did the same with a couple other nurses.

All the nurses were slowed because of the pain- this was her chance. She bent down and picked up the syringe. "Touch me again and I'll shoot this into your eyes!" The nurses backed away- they clearly had no intent of getting near Avril again.. or getting sedated in the eye. She turned around to find the Dr. Irvin on the floor, still alive, but in a great amount of pain as well. "Same with you."

The End

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