Trip to Boston

Ron jumped up at the sound of his alarm at 6. “Oh God! I can’t believe I will be in Boston within the next 5 hrs. Yes, yes, yes.. I am in heaven..” shouting excitedly he ran to the bathroom for a quick shower. He had already packed his things for his trip.

He hurried downstairs at 6: 30 to see that his mom and dad were already up and his mom was making his breakfast ready. “Good morning, Mom. I am ready. I will pack these sandwiches in a box and have them in the bus. Please mom. I can’t have them now. My excitement is not letting me have anything,” Ron said laughing with excitement.

“Ron, I can understand. Okay. I will pack them in the box. But, you must have your milk. The bus is at 8:30. Your dad will board you in the bus. Darling, I have an important meeting. I hope you can manage alone this time? You are a big boy now,” told his mother worriedly.

“Yes, mom. I can manage. I will have the milk. Dad, please get ready. It takes more than 1 hour to reach the bus station. Please have your breakfast quickly,” Ron began to prod his father.

“Yes, Ron. I am almost done. We will leave at 7. It will be perfect to reach the bus station,” Ron’s dad said.

Ron and his dad left for the bus station at 7. Ron could contain his excitement during the 1 hour journey to the bus station and he went on and on about his cousins and the numerous exciting adventures they had, to his dad. Dad smiled acknowledging his thrill and excitement to be with his cousins after a year.

They reached the station and just in time as the scheduled bus arrived in the bus station.

“Ron, board the bus and choose yourself a comfortable seat. The bus will leave in 15 mins. After the bus starts, just send a message to me and your mom. Have your breakfast and don’t be on an empty stomach, as adventures can be enjoyed only when the stomach is full,” Ron’s dad said patting on his back. He bid goodbye to Ron after seeing that he boarded the bus and seated comfortably on a window seat and left.

Ron sat and started dreaming about how his cousins would react on seeing him. How they will run towards him, their second oldest elder brother after Roby. The bus started at sharp 8:30. He munched his sandwiches on the way and looked at the scenic countryside. His heart was beating excitedly as he fondly remembered the different tasty dishes his aunt would prepare specially for him, the different gifts his uncle would have brought for him, and the adventures he would have with his loving cousins.

The trip seemed to be taking a looong time for Ron as he just could not wait to get to Boston. Far away, he could see the bus station. He had informed his uncle and his uncle had promised that he would be on time to receive him. The bus entered and halted slowly. The passengers queued themselves to get down. Ron could see his uncle standing near the gate. But, his face bore a gloomy look, or maybe it was his imagination.

He got down and hugged his uncle. His uncle smiled excitedly on seeing him but his smile seemed artificial. Or maybe it was all in his mind. They got into his uncle’s car and left for home.

The car stopped outside the large mansion, his uncle’s home, their hereditary mansion. 

The End

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