Beginning of the vacation

The story is about a teenager on a vacation to his uncle's house. He and his four cousins enjoy their carefree vacation, when one by one everything seems to go wrong and a number of bones tumble out of the closet. The plot moves round the maze of thrills and spine-chilling experiences that unmask the ultimate secret kept hidden in the basement of the house.

"Alas...! My vacations are starting tomorrow. How long I have been waiting for this vacation? I can't wait to see Roby, Myra, John, and Sophie.," Ron cheered happily jumping out of his bed. Ron was a 16 yr old teenager living in New York with his parents. He had just finished his exams and waited for his vacations to begin to go to his uncle's house in Boston. As he had no siblings, he awaited and cherished this annual trip of 2 months all the more as he could have all the fun with the four children of his uncle, who were his best friends and companions. All the adventures and lazy trips to the sea beaches made his vacation more exciting than ever making him wait for them longingly all throughout the year.

"Ron, come down for breakfast. You will be late for school. You cannot miss the last day of your school in this grade," Ron could hear his mother shouting from downstairs. "Yes, mom. I will be there in 5 mins after a quick shower", Ron said hurrying to the bathroom excitedly. 

"Are you also going with Ron tomorrow to your brother's house?", asked Ron's father. "No, I have some important client meeting tomorrow. So, I guess he has to go alone this time", Ron's mother said biting into her toast. "Okay. No problem. He is a big boy now. He can go in the morning bus after breakfast and he will reach there by lunch. I will take him to the bus station and board him in the bus, you don't worry," Ron's father said smiling. Ron's mother smiled back and arranged his school lunch box in his school bag.

Meanwhile, Ron hurriedly came down dressed in his school uniform, grabbed a toast, and ran to school taking his school bag to board the school bus honking at their gate. 

He spent the entire day daydreaming about his vacation and came back home hurriedly to complete his last minute packing of the gifts for his cousins, uncle and aunt, as well as other essential stuff needed for his long-awaited adventure in Boston. That night, he could hardly sleep due to his excitement of meeting his cousins after a year.

The D-day dawned and his vacation began.

The End

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