a love lost, drives a teenager to the ultimate sacrifice

I got up from the swing , and slowly walked forward, leaving it to rock gently till it came to a stop,completing the stillness,that had momentarily been disturbed.

The silence that surrounded me brought a strange calmness,and had a soothing effect on my nerves. the past few hours had taken a toll on me. after an intense debate with myself and after much thought,I was still undecided.

This is what led me to the deserted playground at 1AM.i gazed at the stars above,that seemed to wink at me mockingly,daring me to do what I had in mind.

It was pitch dark.Except for the street lamp shining far away in the distance,and the moon above,there was no other source of light…

My mind was occupied with thoughts.i barely noticed the gleaming eyes of the cat that glared at me ,as I trespassed its territory,or the rodent that scurried away as soon as I walked by.

She constantly floated back into my mind…no matter how much I tried to prevent myself from thinking about her…..i couldn’t stop myself…..

The face,the innocent smile,the laughing eyes,the nose that twitched when she was angry or irritated.All the things that I had lived and pined to see everyday,flashed through my mind.

I still wondered if I was in a dream. It all seemed so surreal.My life had come crashing down,in the past 24 hours.
In an ordinary town on an ordinary evening,I received a call from a friend ,that unfortunately wasn’t so ordinary.
I was told that the girl I loved ,the one I had become dependent on ,for living through each day,was in love with someone else.

Oh! How I wished that it were a nightmare,and I would soon wake up and hear the birds chirping ,on a bright sunny morning. Alas! Reality had set in ,and I had accepted the truth,with as much courage that I could gather.

I don’t know why they call it a heartbreak, seems as if every part of my body is broken.

A 20 minute walk ,brought me to the place. A scenic spot it had a thick clump of trees on either side of a railway track, that ran right through the center of the outgrowth. Once an ideal picnicking destination,it was now marred by huge red warning signs with reflectors.

Six months ago ,a couple picnicking,had unknowingly,parked their van,in the middle of the trees at night.the next train that arrived , sent their van hurtling in the air in a ball of fire.

A sad smile crossed my face,as I thought that if I succeded in what I set out to do today,this place would become notorious once again.

My wait would not be long . A train would pass by in an hour. I sat on a tree bark,and let that beautiful smile enchant me , for perhaps the last time…….

I knew the time had come ,when I heard the whistle blow in the distance. I got up,stretched my legs,took out the letter from my pocket and left it in a conspicuous place.

I could now see the headlights of the train far away, that grew in size with each passing moment.

My cheeks were wet and my body shaking as I stepped onto the tracks…

The chugging of the train grew louder and the light brighter….

I closed my eyes…..

A shrill whistle pierced the stillness of the night…

But my senses were numb by now


Only one thought prevailed



The End

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