Please dont go.

I waited a few moments before following after her. She wasnt iun her room nor mine but in her parents bathroom. I went to her and drew her into my arms.

"I'm so sorry but it is my homeland." I

She said nothing. Just cried.

"I dont want to leave you, Cassie. But i find i have no other choice." I said.

She looked at me. "What happens if you dont leave me."

"They will send for me I'm sure. My father has many mythical creatures in many parts of the world who are willing to do his bidding. I will not put you in danger for my running." I flatly told her.

"Please dont go." She whispered before kissing me. "Take me with you. I dont want you to leave me."

"I dont want to leave you either. But i do not want to put you in such danger."

"I dont care!" She screamed.

Hanging my head in defeat. "Fine...."

The End

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