A plan of ambition

Cassie and i had a great time in her pool. I taught her how to swim. It was a gloriouse time. We lay on a few beach chairs she had brought out. Drying ourselves in the sun. 

"Cassie." I said. Looking towards her glowing body.


"I....might have to leave you soon." i said quietly.

Her body shook and i waited for her to calm. "Why?" She said through gritten teeth.

"I....must return home. There is a great war going on at my kingdom. Between elves and elfs. I must go and help."

"How do you know about the war?" She said, looking at me now.

"I had a vision. Last night." I looked to the pool water. How it glittered in the bright sun.


It was quiet. You could only hear the birds chirping. 

"You cant go." Was all she said before running into the house.


The End

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