In a far away land....

I knew it would displease father to know that i had lost track of Gavinneaus. I nervousley treaded back and forth in front of my fathers common room. What was i to tell him? What would he think of me? I sighed and took a bench.

My guard, Fistahl came out to me. "Your father wishes to speak to you." He said.

I nodded and followed after him. My father was not a pleasant man. A full elve and he did not show joy or happiness of that an elve usually does. My father was a strict and tempered man. I walked to him throne and kneeled.

"I have displeased you father." I said softly.

"Oh? And what has brought you such shame that you can not look into the eyes of your own father?" He asked in his deep voice.

I looked up into stern grey eyes that matched my own. "I have lost track of Gavinneaus."

I awaited my fathers mood to turn into an outrage. Instead he just sat there with an amused look on his face.

"All is well Baeldu. He has had a vision." My father said.

"A vision? Of what father?"

"Of the war. He has seen what is going on with his kingdom. His home. He is displeased."

I nodded. "Does this mean we know where he is?" I asked.

"It does. But he will not come back willingly. He has connected with a person. A halfie."

"What is her other half?" I questioned

"She is a pixie. But she is not aware. Nor is he."

I smiled. "The wonders of being human."

The End

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