All i could do was stare at her the rest of the lunch period. She wouldnt look at me though. I knew she felt my eyes on her. When the bell rang i held out my hand for her and she took it. We both walked to class. I felt everyones eyes on us as we walked the short distance to our last class. I'm sure Cassie did too.

We took our seats in class and waited for the rest of the kids to come in. The bell rang and class started. We didnt really pay attention to each other. Occasionally i would rest my hand on her knee or 'accidently' bump her. She would always smile and glance at me. I think both of us were extremely happy for the bell to ring. Rather quickly, we made it to the bus.

"What do you want to do today?" She asked as we took our seat.

I shrugged. "Dunno."

She frowned.

"We could use that backyard you have."  I suggested.

"The pool?" She asked wide eyed.

I smiled "Yes. It is a nice day outside."

She looked out the window and smiled. "I suppose it is."

"SO the pool it is!" I said with exaggerated excitement that made her smile.

When the bus came to her stop we casually walked off and ran towards her house. Naturally, i beat her. I was leaning against her front doorway when she finally got there.

"Slowww pokeee" I said.

She replied by sticking her tongue out at me and unlocked the house.

"I dont have a pair of swimming trunks for you." She said.

I nodded. "I figured that much. Ill just have to use some shorts i find in my trunk." She nodded.

"Go put on a bathing suit." I told her. She smiled and disappeared into her room. Not bothering to close the door. I smiled and went to find that blasted suitcase. I opened the empty suitcase and pouted. The stupid thing never wanted to work. I leaned over and reached my hand inside. My whole arm was engulfed in the black of the suitcase as i reached for some clothing. Then i felt it. A pair of almost-could-pass-for swimming trunks. I pulled my clothes off and pulled them on. I laughed quietly at i realized they were the came colour green as my marks were.

With a smile still on my face, i went to Cassies room. I knocked on the open door. She turned around in her bright blue bikini and gasped.

The End

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