My dream? What did it mean? Would it come true? How could i prevent i? What started it? Who started it? These questions ran through my head as i pondered the vision. 

It was Monday. A dreaded day. I didn't like high school. But i went. I woke up before the sun and left Cassie. I needed some different clothes. I went to my shabby little apartment that was filled with nothing but a small suitcase full of clothes. I grabbed the suitcase and left. When i got back to Cassie's house i didn't see her in her bed. I assumed she was getting read. It was sick. School started in an hour. I went to find the bathroom again and took a shower of my own. I let my marks show while i took it. I don't know why i even hid it. It was just so no one knew i was different. I dressed in some pants the way i usually did. Showing my kisses boxers, my belt too. I pulled on a long sleeved maroon shirt and over it, my black vest. I combed through my hair with my fingers and put my hat back on. Ready for school. I smiled and went to find Cassie. She was putting on some make up. Dressed in a mid shin dress, it was a green baby doll dress with no sleeves. She had on black flats. Her curls hung loose around her. She turned and smiled to me when she was finished.

"Come on!" She cried. "We're going to be late for the bus!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house. We were nearly the last ones there. The bus came shortly after.

As Cassie and i climbed on, the bus driver gave me a rather daring look. We didn't talk on our way to the school. Just held hands. Then when we got off the bus, we parted. I knew she was shy. I was shy too. But we were in classes together. I moved myself around her like the wind moved around me. It was when a guy, football player in a jersey with the number 81 on pushed Cassie into the lockers that i got defensive. I shot him a threatening look as she walked on to her locker. What this the kind of stuff she went through every day at school? I frowned and followed after her. Feeling the foot ball players eyes and his grouped eyes burning whole into my back.

When classes started, we acted like we didn't know each other. It was was we had agreed on. But when our lunch came, we separately hid back of the library. I took her hand.

"Cassie." I saod.

She looked up. "Yes?"

"I haven't ever done this before. But will you be my girlfriend?" I asked.

She nodded and smiled.

The End

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