We walked to the park. I looked around for the closest thicket. I foudn it and smiled. Pulling her towards it, i could feel the trees singing to me and the wind greeting me back. Cassie must have felt it too because she had a huge smile plastered on her face. I found the heart of the thicket and stopped. Not many creatures lived in this area, i alreadly had scouted it out. A few gnomes and a fae kindgom further west. But here, it was free and quiet. I pulled her down with me as i sat.

"Its beautiful here." She said looking around.

"I know. My home is much better though." I said nodding.

She looked at me. Did i really just say that? Oh no.

"Whats wrong?" She asked rubbing my hand with her thumb.

"I know your story. But you dont know mine...." I trailed off.

"So tell me." she said, genuinely intersted.

"Alright." I said before taking a deep breath.

"My real name is Gavinneus Charkosciouse Bineuth Yeathifesa. Im from the kingdom of Yaestur. I am the only son and heir to the king and queen of the elves. There are two types of my kinds. Elfes with an f and elves with a v, i am the second one. Elfes with an f are shorter like you see in storybooks." I paused and looked at her.

She nodded like she fully understood. I continued.

"As you can see" I said showing my ears. "I have the traditional pointed ears. I also have the power to make me irresistable." I paused and looked at her. She frowned. "But i wouldnt use it on you." He smile came back.

"As i said before, the vines..." I paused and showed the vines from my wrists and hands. "Are the mark of royalty. It deciphers us from common folk. All elves are immortal. We only look like we age as a natural affect of nature. We are also really good warriors, and runners. As royalty, i also have powers. I have the power to hide and show my mark. The power to know whether or not your lying. I can sometimes sense the future as well. The power to make me irresistable..." I paused again. "I also have the power to communicate with people in their dreams."

"So you were in my dream!" She cried.

I nodded. "But i can only be let in if you care. Which," I smiled. "You  did."

She nodded. "So why did you leave your kingdom?"

"My parents wanted me to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom. A fae. It has never been done in all of elven history. But they wanted to change, to create a new world. They wanted me to make a halfie heir to be supreme ruler."

"A halfie? And whats a fae?" She questioned.

"A fae is a fairy. She was an autumn earth fae to be exact. A halfie is two of different kinds. Its not usually done. It happens alot with gnomes and their goblin cousins. The elves and fae's stay within their species." I sighed. "I didnt want to be forced to love someone who knew i didnt love them. So i ran. Ive been running for the past hundred years. My parents lost track of my 90 years back."

She was quiet. "So there are other mythical creatures?" She asked.

I nodded. "All the ones you ever heard of, are true."

She started rushing out names. "Kelpie, pixie, dopplegaenger, baykok, banshee...." She stopped and waited for answers.

"All true. And, let me tell you. Dont ever piss of a banshee. Or a fae for that matter. Dopplegaengers are nasty creatures as are kelpies. The baykok is miles away from here though. States even." I said.

She sighed a relief. She knew her mythical creatures. " said halfies. Can halfies be half human as well?"

I nodded grimly. "Yes. We have alot of halfies who are gnome/human. banshee/human. even elve/human. But they dont know it. Sometimes their parents dont even know it."

She nodded then perked up. "Say something in elven."

"Like what." I asked, smiling.

"Anything. A secret." she replied.

"Alright...." I thought, Then smiled really wide. "Amin mela ile"

She didnt understand quite at first. I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"I love you." I kissed below her below her ear lobe and sat back.

She sat there stunned. I smiled.

"Nice day we're having." I said casually putting my arms behind my head and leaning against the heart of the thicket.

She sat there with her mouth agape. It was a few minutes before she mumbled something.

"I love you too."

I smiled and took my hands into hers. "As long as im alive, i pledge myself to you. In anyway possible." I said kissing her.

She kissed me. And this time i just couldnt resist. I picked her up and within seconds we were at her house in her bedroom. She tore my shirt off and i slipped her out of her dress. I led her over to her bed and layed on it. She layed on top of me. As she undid my jeans, i slipped her out of her underwear and pulled her under the covers.

I made love to her for the first time that day. It was the first time in my 2,000 years of living that i had ever been in bed, sexually, with a woman. When we were both spent we layed there, clasping each other. My vines had appeared and she started to trace them. i played with her now messy and loose braids. Removing the hair that was plastered to her face from sweating.

"That was the first time ive ever made love before." She said.

"I thought you've had sex before?" I questioned.

"Not like that. Before, it was just sex. It had no meaning. I felt every emotion just now. Its something ive never felt before." She said.

I kissed her forehead. "I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too." she said. "Can...."

I didnt even give her time to finish before my lips were on hers. i was all to willing to oblige with this request. When we had spent twice, we fell asleep from exhaustion.

I didnt invade her dreams that night. I just kept in my own. It was in this dream that i had my first vision in almost 300 years. A slaughtering.

The End

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