Death sentence

I felt a slight buzz under Cassie and i. I looked to her to see if it woke her. I didn't. She was breathing steadily On my chest. I reached for the buzz. It was Cassie's cell phone. I shook her slightly and handed it to her.

"Its my mom." She pouted.

"Well, answer it. " I suggested.

She flipped it open. "Hey mom."

"Yea its going fine. Just school work."

I started to absently play with her hair.

She smiled and looked at me before responding to her mom "How long?!"

I paused mid twirl. "Yea yea. Thats fine. I can last a week." She said.

"Alright. Alright. Love you too. Bye." She said before flipping it closed and tossing it across the room.

"My parents are going to be gone for a week." She said quietly.

"I'm sorry." Was all i could say.

"What am i going to do for a week alone. Well, yea sure, I'm usually alone. But still. I don't like not knowing my parents are right down the hall." She waved her hand to the door before dropping her head in them. I took her hands in mine and rested my forehead on hers. Our eyes met & i suggested that i could stay here and keep her company.

"Could you? I mean, would your parents let you?" She asked nervousely.

My parents....Of course they would let me. They hadn't known where i was for 90 years. They were still in Yaestur. The kingdom i was supposed to rule.

"Yea, they wont care." I said.

I climbed out of bed. "Lets go to the park. I want to show you my natural home." I said. She nodded and left for her room.

I found the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My marks were still showing. I removed my shorts to expose everything. Vines travels up the sides of my legs and met the ones on my stomach. My butt and private area was the only untouched place. I traced some of my vines the way Cassie had. It didn't give me the same electric shock she had. I put my shorts back on and went to find my clothes. I dressed myself to make my marks invisible again. Used my power to cover what couldn't be hidden by clothes and tucked my ears back under my hair. I went ti Cassie's room and layed on her unmade bed. The shower was running so i assumed she was in it.

I was telling this girl my life. A secret id be running from. A secret that was meant to stay within the mythical world. Yet, i was telling this human my secret. My story. I sighed and closed my eyes. I was to lost in my thoughts to hear Cassie step out of the shower. It wasn't until i heard a small gasp i sat up. She was standing there smiling. She came up to me and stroked my hair. Running her finger over the tip of my left ear. I rested my head into her hand. Then she bent over and kissed me. Soft at first. Then it was hard. I fell back to the bed and she climbed on top of me. Her towel was long gone and our tongues were touching. I wanted to feel her whole body. Instead i just put them on her bare back. I wasn't trying to turn her on, but i still had teenage boy hormones, and those hormones led my kisses to her bare neck and my hands traveled to private places. It was when she let out a small moan that i stopped and brought my eyes to hers.

She smiled that gorgeous smiled and i smiled back before kissing her nose.

"Get dressed, love." I said.

She nodded and climbed off of me. She wrapped her towel around her once more, looked me over and smiled before disappearing into her closet. I look at myself. I looked okay.....Oh no, no i didn't. My private was excited from the moment.

"Behave!" I whispered to my pants.

A few moments later, Cassie came out in a knee-length sky blue sun dress with blue flip flops. I watched as she pulled her hair into braids.

"I'm ready." She said turning.

"Good." I replied standing and outstretching my hand. She placed hers in mine. "Lets go. It's time for you to see my world." I said pulling her outside and away from the house.

The End

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