I was booted out of her dreams. My focus came back to the world that was around me. I looked around and then at Cassie. Did i just tell her that? Did  just tell her the greatest secret? A secret id been running from since i was 13. Over a hundred years ago. I sighed. Finally she opened her honey brown eyes to me. I smiled and kissed her forehead. 

"Good morning, sleepy head." I said.

She just smiled and asked "What are elves?"

"Uhh....." I stammered. "Well....."

She laid there waiting. I couldn't think of an answer. I slowly got off the bed. She let me go. I stood in front of her and extracted all my clothes but my boxers and tucked my long hair behind my ears. I watched as her soft brown eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. i knew what she was staring at. All over my body were green vines traveling into spiraling circles. Some of the vines had leaves coming off of the. Some even had some flowers. I turned so she could look at my back, it was the same. Vines with leaves and flowers. I felt her eyes on me and my hot skin grew hotter. I touched my pointed ears.

"This is an elve." I said looking down. "Only, the vines are the mark of royalty." I sighed.

Ever so slowly she got up and touched me. Her cold skin against mine. She traced the vines that went all over my body. It sent an electrifying shock down my spine to my toes and up again. I closed my eyes & smiled a little. When she stopped i opened my eyes and met hers. She reached up and kissed me, softly. 

"Your beautiful." She whispered when our kiss broke.

I blushed and pulled her back to bed. We stayed there all day. Not eating or drinking. In silence. She traced my vines while i played with her hair. I would look like a normal guy if i didn't have the mark. But i did, and i hated it. 

Now i was going to explain the whole story and why i was not with my Kingdom.

The End

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