The sun wasn't even up when i felt a ruffle neck to me and the warmth from under the blanket dispersed and was placed with coldness. Was someone in the bed with me. I turned at met faces with Cassie. Her eyes were red rimmed and her face stained. I kissed her forehead and pulled her to my bare chest. She felt cold. Or maybe it was my temperature.....I couldn't decipher. She was drawing pictures on my stomach with her nails, from under the covers. It both excited and scared me. After all she'd been through today i wasn't about to let anything sexual happen.

I grabbed her hand and brought it to my mouth, Kissing it gently. My kisses travelled up to her bare shoulder and eventually found their way to her mouth. The kisses were soft. Her tongue met mine. The feeling sent an electric shiver down my spin. My free hand travelled down to her exposed lower back. Now she was warm. Like i had turned on he heating system. I smiled through our make-out session and pulled away. 

She blinked sleepily. "Sleep, my love."  whispered in her ear. 

And she did just that.

When i woke up again, the sun was risen well into the sky. Cassie was still in my arms. She looked so peaceful in her dream world. I wanted to be in her dream world. But trespassing onto her private thought was not me. Maybe just a peek....

In a meadow with grass waist tall, i watched her. She ran in circles laughing. Her arms out, as if she was flying. I laughed out loud. She stopped and i ducked out of sight.

"Who is there?" She called.

I didn't answer. I hear rustling and knew she was coming. So i stood. As i stood i realized what she had on. Her top only covered her breasts. A light green satin coloured wrap. Her skirt disappeared into the grass. It too was a light green satin colour. Her hair was its usual curly self and she was wearing a flower crown.

"Gavin? What are you doing in my meadow?" She said, shocked.

I reverted the subject and held out my hand. "May i dance with you?" 

She smiled and took my hand and we danced. As we danced she talked to me. "How are you here?"

"If i told you, my love. You wouldn't believe me."

"Try me." She declared.

We stopped dancing and i took her hands. "I'm elven."

The End

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