Did she just say what i think she did. Murderer? Impossible. She was so small and fragile. How can this be?

"What? I asked her. She wasn't looking me in the eye anymore. I pulled her face to mine. Her eyes were red rimed and tear filled. But she wasn't going to let them spill over. I pulled her into my arms and hushed her cries. I wasn't going to make her tell me. When she was ready she would.

Cassie POV

Catastrophe and i had just left Club Tame. We were drunk and walking down the sidewalk. It as two in the morning. 

"Can jew drive?" She slurred out.

I smiled "Yes I is purrfectly fine." I said.

She tossed me the keys to her mercedes and i got in and started the car. I was always car safe and buckled my seatbelt. She didn't bother, her head was already leaning against the window, partially asleep. It was a half hour drive back to our neighborhood. The road was blurry, there seemed like there were too many. It was when a deer ran into the road that i swerved and hit the tree. The black and shiny mercedes was now a big black ball of metal. I looked over to Catastrophe, she was bent over and her head was bleeding. I felt dizzy. I called 911 and told them where i was. When they got there, i was breathalized and went way over the limit for teens. They took me to the hospital to get checked out and then to the police station where my parents were called. It was later that i found out that Catastrophe died before she even got to the hospital. After that i changed, I changed a lot. My hair went back to its natural colour, the make up and trashy clothes went away, the drugs, alcohol, and the sex all disappeared and i was Cassie. I didn't even go to her funeral. At school I wasn't Cassie or Cyanide anymore, I was Hannah's (Catastrophe) killer. After about a month of all the hate, i stopped going to school. Then, hate mail began to arrive arrive. All i could do was scream. We moved to Oregon shortly after that.

I felt someone shaking me. I woke up and looked into Gavin's blue eyes.

Gavin POV

She was screaming. Why was she screaming? I shook her and she looked to me frightened. Then she started babbling. Babbling about what? I listened to her as she told me. Thats what made her a murderer? I held her and soothed her.

"It happened a long time ago. You are wiser now. Well, your only 16, but you're 2 years wiser then you wiser at 14. Alright?"

She looked to me and nodded. It was like that for the rest of the afternoon. We didn't talk much. When i realized it was so late, She told me her parents wouldn't be home for awhile. That I could sleep in the guest room. I didn't want to leave her alone by herself so i stayed. But i didn't sleep. In case she needed me. I didn't even know this girl and i was willing to drop for her. 

If i could only tell her my story....

The End

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