Gavin POV

I sat up and stared at her back. Did she just say what i think she said? My heart sank. Her kiss not only light me up, but my heart as well. Now she wanted me to leave?

"Did i do something wrong?" I asked.

"No." She choked out and i knew she was crying.

I pulled her into a hug, She fought it at first but eventually fell into me, and i fell onto the bed. My arms around her, i rubbed her back.

"Shhh. Its OK. Whats wrong?" I asked.

"You shouldn't get to close to me,.." She said. "I'm dangerouse."

I was confused. How could something so small and fragile be dangerouse? "I can protect myself Cassie, and you can not hurt me. Nor will i let you go." I said squeezing her tighter for emphasis.

She sat up and looked at me. I sat up too. "Just be careful around me. Please." She begged.

All i could do was nod. I took a hand and wiped her tears. I hugged her and kissed the top of her curly head.

She looked at me. "Do i have permission to kiss you?" She asked.

I didn't even give her an answer. I just connected my lips with hers.  We fell back to her bed, not parting. Her lips parted and my tongue touched hers. She knocked my hat off and wrapped her hands in my hair as my hands traveled down to the small of her back. I didn't want to move to fast with her. I really wanted to get to know her. She was a different girl. So i pulled away and stared at her.

"I really like you Cassie. And i want to get to know you. But slowly." I whispered.

"I understand. I want the same." She said. But theres something you should know...." She paused.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I'm a murderer." 

The End

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