We had been asking questions back and forth for about an hour. He knew that i used to do drugs and drink, that i wasn't a virgin, and that i used to be wild. I knew that he was also an only child, that he isn't a virgin, that he is straight-edge and that he was an aspiring writer.

What do you want to be when you grow up?" He asked.

"A teacher." I said sighing.

"Ahh. What kind?"

"Kindergarten. Maybe first grade?" I replied. "Whats your favourite colour?" I asked him.

"Red. Black too." He replied "My turn now, Whats your favourite animal?"

"Giraffe." I smiled.

"Hahah, what?" He laughed.

"Yes,  a giraffe." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Ha, mines an alpaca." He said smiling and laying back onto my bed. I mimicked him.

"Whats your life story?" I asked.

"A long one." He sighed. "Next question, whats your life story."

"A longer one."

He propped himself up on his elbow, facing me. I did the same. For a moment, all we did was stare at each other. His blue eyes were setting my face on fire and i looked away.

"Cassie." He said lifting my chin with his forefinger to face him. He was really close now. He held my face like that and whispered "Your beautiful."

I scrunched my nose. He smiled and leaned in and i closed my eyes and felt his lips on my nose. When i opened them, i could feel his breath on mine.

"Do i have permission to kiss you?" He whispered.

I could only nose. As if in slow motion, our lips touched. It was amazing. My whole body felt awakened for the first time. I had kissed guys before. But they didn't make me feel like this. It was amazing. When we broke, i wanted more. But i was a different person. I was Cassie.

We just stared at each other, now further apart then before. I couldn't let him in. I would hurt him. But i wanted him so badly.

My eyes started to tear up and i turned away, my lips whispered "Gavin, you should go." But my heart screamed "Gavin, please stay."

I was torn.

The End

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