The jury

Cassie POV

I readied myself for bed and climbed in. Thinking about everything that had changed. Happy that my life had changed. Before we moved here, i was a wild girl. Though my parents didnt care.

I layed in bed in the fetal position thinking about it all. Back in California, i was Cyanide. Cyanide was crazy. Cyanide had Jet black hair with all the colours of the rainbow going through them. Cyanide drank and smoked. Cyanide had sex. Cyanide raved. Cyanide had hangovers. Cyanide dressed out she wanted, said what she wanted, and acted like she wanted. Cyanide didnt take attitude. Cyanide would be quick to stomp you for talking mess.  Cyanide was concieted. Cyanides lifestyle is was killed her best friend.

I blinked back the tears and erased the thoughts. i was glad i moved to Oregon and changed. So very glad. Now i was quiet, drawn back, shy, kind Cassie. Cyanide no longer existed. She was long gone. But could i ever let someone in again? Coudl i let Gavin in? Would he still want to be my friend if he knew i was a murderer? So many questions...Slowly i drifted off the sleep.

It was late when i woke up. I woke up to my phone vibrating under my pillow. I picked it up.

"Hello sleepy head." Gavins voice said.

I smiled. "Hi."

"Whatchu doinnn?" He said in a gay voice.

"Just woke up, wanna come over?" I blurted out.

"Kay!" He said eagerly. "Be there soon."

We hung up. I pulled my hair into a bun and went downstairs to make breakfast. I had just started eating when the door bell rang, I went to get it. Gavin was dressed in like black tie up vans, light blue skinny jeans that showed his penguin boxers. And a v-neck with a black vest over it. His sandy brown hair, topped off with a black hat. I smiled. He smiled back.

"You look pretty in your 'i just woke up face' you know." He said as i ushered him in.

"Uhm....thanks." i said blushing. "I just started eating, can i make you anything?" I asked.

"No ma'am. You just eat your breakfast." He said.

I nodded and took my seat again and ate. He watched me the whole time. It was weird. I finished and cleaned the dishes and pulled him upstairs.

"I have to shower then im all yours." I said.

His face life up and i laughed grabbing my towel and closing the bathroom door. I walked out 15 minutes later with my towels around me and saw Gavin lying back on my bed blowing a tissue up in the air. I leaned against the bathroom doorway and giggled. He looked up and blushed.

"You should get dressed." He said,

I nodded and went to get undergarments and went into my closet and picked out a short, strapless pink dress with a sequined top. I grabbed my things and went back into the bathroom and changed. When i came out i combed through my curls and pulled the top of my hair up into a bow. I decided on no makeup. I put some perfume on and squirted some around my room. I loved the smell of vanilla. Gavins eyes didnt leave me once and i romped around my room. I found my matching pink flats that went with the dress. When i was all done, i stood in front of Gavin and stared at him.

"You....look amazing." Was all he could whisper out.

"Thank you." I said giggling. I took a seat next to him. "So what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Hm....." He said thinking with his fingers strumming his chin again. "I actually dont know!"

I laughed.

"Oh, i got it. lets play Q&A!" He said.

I laughed nervousely. Should i lie on answers? No. I decided. He had to decide if he still wanted to be my friend whether he knew about Cyanide or not.

"Okay. Ill start." I said.



The End

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