Cassie POV

Gavin left me standing in front of the row of busses. Shocked? A little. Completely blown away? Most definitely. I climbed onto the bus and took my ride home. 

Home alone. Once again. I went to the fridge. There was a note. Of course there is a note i told myself. I yanked it off the fridge and read:

Hey baby,

Your father and i had to take a last minute trip to Seattle. We're sorry to leave you so son after just getting back. Be good and use and money you need for food and. We'll call you soon. We love you. 


Mom and dad

I sighed and crumpled it up and threw it for the trash can. It went right in. I pulled some orange juice out of the fridge and poured myself some before retreating to my room. My parents were both lawyers so we had a big house. But i still stayed in my room. I preferred it. My room was "big" as most kids would say. I had a queen sized bed that was covered with orange and green comforter. Everything was centered around my bed. My furnishings were a deep cherry red wood. I had a walk in closet that consisted of mostly dresses. I had my own bathroom. My two windows looked out over our backyard that i never went in. Over a in ground pool i never swam in. Just me and my room. That was how it was. 

I put my book bag by my door, set my orange juice on my desk and turned on my stereo to my soothing wind down music. I undressed and went to take a shower. After i sat in front of Gavin's number and stared at it. Would i sound to eager if i called him? What if he didn't answer? What if someone else answered? I wanted to see him. In fact, i wanted to see him all the time. I was drawn to this guy. I gave up and picked up my phone and dialed.

"Hello?" A voice said.

"Gavin?" I asked.

"Your talkin' to him." He laughed. "Who is this?"


"Well hello my newly found friend."

"Hi" I blushed. "Listen, I'm home alone for....god know how long. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? Maybe? Possibly?" I stuttered out.

He laughed. "Sure. Ill be over there in a few. Now where do you live exactly?"

I gave him directions and then we hung up. For some odd reason I was happy. No...more than that. I was excited! I looked into the mirror and gussied up a bit. Did i look okay? Would he care i wasn't wearing make up?

I was still freaking out when the door bell rang. I went to answer it. Gavin was standing against the door frame. Smile wide. I smiled back and ushered him in.

The End

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