Gavin POV

School went by, classes seems to last only mere few minutes with Cassie. I asked her questions. Not letting her get one in. In her quiet bird-like voice she would whisper replies. I wanted to know everything there was to know about this girl.

When English ended we parted for lunch. She walked off to her locker and left me standing there at the classroom doorway. I smiled at the way she carried herself down the hall. Fluidly, like sliding gel. Her shoulder and chin held high, like nothing could knock her down. 

I made my way to my locker and eventually retreated to the library. Looking among the vast selection of books in the small school library. I needed something to get my mind off this. She was all i wanted and yet, something i could not have. I was lost in my own thoughts, rounding the corner, i knocked into somebody, sending them flying to the floor, their books as well. Looking down i found that i was Cassie. I smirked and helped her up and retreated to pick up her books. Noticing she had "Fairytales around the world." and other mythical books. I smiled.

"Fantasy person?" I whispered.

She nodded. "It keeps out of reality."

"Oh really?" I said. Slowly we were walking to a table in the back of the library. Where nobody could see our private conversation. 

"Yes. I belies in fairies and goblins and such. If you lose belief, then you lose life." She said taking a seat.

I take a seat next to her. "Ah, you are a very smart girl Cassie." 

I watch as her face once again turns bright pink. 

"Have you never gotten compliments before?" I asked leaning into her.

"As you can see," she said motioning around. "I dont have any friends. I keep to myself."

I extended my hand and rested it on hers. "Hello, My name is Gavin. Would you accept my friendship?" I said in a deep, official voice.

Trying to hide a giggle, she replied "Why yes young sir, i would."

We both were quietly laughing and the bell drowned out. Gathering the books and her things, i walked with her to the check out, she got them and we moved on to our last class, Art.

At the end of the day, i gave her my number and suggested she call me.

"Maybe we could hang out this weekend?" I said.

She nodded slightly. "Maybe."

I lifted her hand and kissed it slightly. Her vanilla scent wrapping around me. Then, i left her.

The End

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