This girl. Who's name is didn't know. Simply blew me away. I had to know her name. I wasn't really paying attention to what my new teacher was saying. I don't think i really even hear the bell ring until a new girl with big blond hair and an exaggerated smile came up to me.

"Hi, I'm Misty." She said sticking her hand out.

"Hi" I said barely shaking it. "Sorry, but i have classes to get to. Cant be late on the first day now can we?" I said politely before grabbing my bag and walking off.

I wasn't the first one to my next class, Geometry. I stood at the teachers desk waiting for them to come in. I looked around the room at all the math related things. The encouraging posters on the wall, the ones i saw at every school. There were a few students laughing and some boys rough housing by the windows. I shook my head at them. My eyes almost swept over her. But her eyes are what brought me back. Golden brown with a sparkle. And she was staring at me. Our eyes clicked before her ivory skin turned bright red and she looked down.

The teacher came in. Mrs. Johnson was her name.

"Well, Gavin. Welcome to the wonderful world of geometry. Heres your book and a list of what you'll need to get by next Tuesday." She said handing me the stuff and searching her desk for something. She pulled up a clipboard. "Well. Everyone has a partner except for Cassie McGowan." She looked up from her clip board.

"Cassie, can you raise your hand?" I looked around the room for a hand. My eyes rested on the curly haired, golden eyed girl and i smiled and went to take my seat.

"Hello Cassie." I said politely.

"Hello." She whispered in a bird-like voice.

I leaned into her, she didn't move away, and i whispered into her hair. "It appears we have two gloriouse classes together. I'm looking forward to this semester." 

She turned to me. We were practically in kissing mode. & oh how inviting those lips looked.

"May i see your schedule?" She asked. A minty, cool smell washing over my face. This time it was my turn to blush. I pulled my schedule out from my back pocket and handed it to her, not breaking eye contact.

She took it and looked at it. I watched her facial expression widen. She then turned to me.

"We have all of our semester classes together...." She said.

"Well, that gives us more time to get to know each other." I said smiling before turning my attention to the front of the class. Out of the corner of my eye i saw that her face was still in awe. I smirked and reached my hand across the table and patted it. This girl was going to make living here worth it.

The End

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