Silently, i made my way to my locker and to class. Receiving all of the roaming eyes and quiet Cassie. I took my seat in the back of Biology. The first one there, as usual. It would be at least 10 minutes before the bell rang. I sat there and stared off into nothingness. Thinking about the dream i had, the silhouette. Who could it have been?

A clatter and a "umph" knocked me back to reality. I look around the room. Three rows over and two seats up was a person sitting with his head down on his desk. He had a sort of dirty blondish colour but to dark to be blond. I couldn't see his face. He was dressed in a pair of tight jeans that i heard people called skinnies. He had a studded black belt on and red boxers. I blushed at the fact that i was noticing his underwear. But his shirt was very dressy. He had on a black under shirt and a blue sleeveless knit vest. I suppose he felt someone staring at him because he looked up and i met the most beautiful blue eyes id ever seen. I actually think i gasped because he smiled. We stared at each other until the bell rang and i adverted my attention to the class. Mr. Howard came in and started to take attendance.

"Class, it looks like we have a new student." he said looking at his roster. "Gavin Froanson"

The beautiful blue eyed boy stood. Gavin. I stared at the boy who now had a name. Noticing that i was staring and that it was rude, i adverted my attention to the class lesson. Occasionally i felt his eyes on me and i would look, and he would be staring at me. He smiled at my blushing.

Who was this guy and why did he make me blush? The next 3 classes were going to be difficult to focus on.

The End

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