The ultimate crime

Cassie doesnt know what to do when a new boy comes to school. & this new boy is attracted to her, and she is coincidently attracted to him, but she refuses to accept it....


Standing under the tree, staring out at the setting sun. The day in my world has been uneventful like usual. I lean against my willow and watch the sun go down. Just before it sets behind the hills, i spot a black silhouette. I stand erect. Wondering who it could be. The wind blows and ruffles my hair and i close my eyes to feel it wrap around me. Forgetting the strange image for a moment. When i open them, the figure is gone. I sigh and plop down on the grass. Suddenly the moon comes up and starts singing.


I am awakened by my alarm clock calling me to school. My dreadful high school. I hit the snooze button and lay there. Know i cant miss anymore days of school, but debating if i want to go anyways. I argue with myself before pulling myself out of bed and into a shower. Dressing in my dress with a black trim & bow. I pull on my patten leather flats. Combing through my already curling brown hair, wishing it was straighter and putting some eye liner and mascara around my golden brown eyes. I pout, telling myself I'm ready for the day. Silently i leave the house, knowing that if i wake anyone else up I'm in trouble. And i am as regular, the first on at the bus stop. Slowly, tired and pouty kids show up. All the freshman and sophmores who cant yet drive. The juniors and very few seniors who haven't gotten their license or car yet. The big yellow bumble bee comes around the corner and i climb on, taking my seat, 3 seats back on the left side. Quietly, i stare at the passing imagery. Wishing time were this fast. Wondering what would happen if it were...

The End

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