The LastMature

Based in a post-apocalyptic world, one of the few camps of survivors left fight for for their lives where darkness brings the creatures of the night. Tai, Velesty (Vel), Zael, and Jazz are the last hope for a terminal world.

                An eerie darkness engulfed our land and horrid screeching yelped in the distance.  The leaves had stopped swaying in the wind from fear. 

                “Do not fear, my young ones,” our camp elder spoke, “they may not dwell upon our camp.  We are protected,” Aleise explained.

                We lived every night fearful of what may come, regardless of what Aleise told us.  Ever since the day that all was lost, I kept the dirk my grandfather had given me strapped to my side.   Our camp of survivors was one of the few left in this forsaken world.  The war began before I was born, it lasted eighteen years.  I was brought into the hell of the world two years into the war.  Another World War had spawned; the one variance was it was the rebellion of the citizens to the United Nations.  The corrupt government had to end, unfortunately, once our government was gone, humanity had ceased to exist as well.  Cities deteriorated.  Technology vanished.  We had to adapt to a different kind of life, we had to resort to using tools that existed pre-Columbus.  Of course, we all remember how to use the technological devices, but we don’t know how to recreate them or fix them once they have been broke.  We just gave up hope and embraced lives with bows and swords, hunting and gathering, friends and family.  Aleise only had one rule, “Do not leave the camp at night.”

                “Tai, could you come with me to check on the barriers, please?” Vel called out to me. 

                I happily accompanied her.  She had always been the one I could rely on, even before the last day.  We communicated without using words.  It was easy for us to form a bond, we were both sixteen.

                “It’s hard to believe it all ended only nine months ago,” I confessed as we walked to the gates.

                “It’s hard to believe our families are gone, it’s hard to believe we were the only ones who made it out alive of Bellington,” she said mournfully.

                “Hey! Don’t say that.  They will never truly be gone, they will always be in our hearts and minds.  We will always have our memories of them,” I was trying to cheer her up, “besides, everyone in this camp, Aleise, Zael, Jazz, we are a family.”

                She shot me a smile as a tear rolled down her cheek.  We reached the gate and started to survey the land outside the fence.  Occasionally we would hear a rustle of leaves or a twig snap, but as soon as we glanced that direction we would hear a deviant snicker and whatever it was would dash into the distance.  Too fast for us to see it’s true appearance. 

                “Something is not right Tai; they have never been this close to camp before, I’m worried.”

                “I know,” I dreadfully agreed.  “We have to tell Aleise.”

                We sprinted back to the bonfire, where most of our comrades resided.  It was our job to keep watch, the camps safety relied on our shoulders.

 Zael and Jazzy could see the panic on our faces.  At the same time, they spoke up, “What did you see?”

“We believe they’re plotting an attack on the camp, we need all warriors ready for dispense,” Vel flipped her wavy, bright blonde hair as she spoke sternly, as an officer would be addressing his soldiers.

Aleise nodded at Zael and Jazzy to assemble our small in number, but powerful in force, army of warriors.

The End

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