If you ignore it

You decide to ignore it. You don't even know what it is! It scuttles away, leaving you free to go back home. You don't know what to do. The power supplies have been cut off, because nobody needs it anymore. Except you, that is. But nobody knows you're here!

You decide to go into the shops and scavenge as much as you can. You run towards the direction of the nearest shop.

Just before the evactuation siren blew, scavengers to beggars to even the richest in the town broke into all the shops and stole a lot, because, they had reasoned, no-one was going to have use of the food back on Earth, so they might as well take it with them.

When you arrive, the glass in the windows are shattered, leaving dangerous pieces lying around. The tattered sign flies in the wind. Spooky, you think. You carefully step in through the window, mindful of the glass on the ground.

Inside, the shop looks worse than it does outside. Most of the jars have been knocked off the shelf, and most of them are opened. Lots of good have already been stolen, and the remaining are in a sorry condition.

You steal some food which doesn't look as bad as the rest, and start climbing out again.

When you arrive, you put the food on the table and sit on the couch, thinking. There was no use switching on the telly, because there was no electricity.

You're scared. Soon, all the prisoners who have been sentenced to death will break out of  their cells, and they might find you.

Suddenly, an idea hits you. That's it! You could go to the only other human beings on Earth who are hard and survivalists! The prisoners! They could help you ... couldn't they?

You start to feel doubt. Maybe they will just kill you. You start to feel desperate. What should you do?

The End

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