If you follow it

You decide to follow the insect. It seems pretty interesting, and plus, it might give you some survival equipment. After all, it is a talking insect!

'Yoo having arrived,' announced the insect. It is standing in front of a cave. You follow the insect inside the cave, and when you get to the middle, you see a large throne, carved out of the rock of the cave itself. The throne is a rich red colour, and lush green moss covered it.

Suddenly, a figure arrives from the side of the cave. There must be a door there, you think.

The figure is covered in a shadow, but when it emerges into the sunlight, you almost gasp. There, was a gigantic blob. It looks like playdo, but it is pulsing and throbbing. Its shape starts changing, and it becomes a worm, then a piano shape,  then  a human shape.

It sits on the throne, sprawling all over it. 'Sorry for the...unnerving views just then,' it says.'I had to flick through shape A, then B, then C to get to shape D. Now, you are here because you followed Grunch, my faithful servant. I am here because I arrived in a Saucepan, or, an Unidentified Flying Object, as you Earthlings call it.

I have heard the news about the evactuation, and when I heard that one Earthling had missed out on the flight, I was ever so worried. So, I sent Grunch to find you. Thank goodness you followed him!

Ok. Let's get down to business. I have some survival objects you may need if you wish to stay here on Planet 4A - - I mean, Earth. Why do you still call yours  that when you don't call the others their proper names, eh? Ah well. Now, if you want to join your fellow Earthlings, then I can transport you in my faithful Saucepan. Erm, UFO. Deal?'

You don't know. That creature seems a bit dodgy, and you don't even know what it is yet! You remember about the doors that you reasoned would probably be at the sides of the cave. Maybe you should escape through that way?

The End

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