If you try and jump onto the shuttle

You jump onto the shuttle, and barely make it. Phew! You made it!

Your parents open the window and you  scramble inside.  Your saved! you think. You start feeling drowsy, and your eyelids start drooping down.

Suddenly, the shuttle jerks to a halt. You shake yourself awake. You've arrived at planet 8B!

You hop out of the shuttle with the others, and immediately spot lots of other shuttles landing. There are lots of people milling around, unsure what to do.

You  know that there are more human beings in other shuttles arriving at other planets, and instantly feel relieved. Your not dying out! There are at least 4 million more of you!

Suddenly, a horrible-looking monster appears in front of you.  More and more of them arrive. Soon, they surround the island and its inhabitants.

You don't know what to do. Should you hide or fight?

The End

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