The Corridors

I exit the room and continued walking down the luminescent corridors, away from the fading electronic voice. But the two words still rang in my ears, eerie and haunting. There was something about the two words - Nice. Naughty, that sent a chill down my spine. And the creatures I had seen on the screens, were the stuff of my nightmares. I walked keeping a safe distance from the doors, not wanting to open any other doors by accident.

Nice. Naughty.

I quickened my pace, half-running. I needed to get out of these halls, away from all this. I didn't want to know what really happened out here, I only wanted to get as far away from it as I could. Far enough to catch my breath, rest a while, and then probably hope to imagine a life without fear.

I looked back to see if I was being followed. Nothing. I didn't spot any movement, or hear any loud sounds. I had never known that a world could be this silent and so empty. There was none of the groans or clanks of machines, only a soft hum which I realized was coming from the walls.

Every corridor seemed to look the same now. Gray, bland and cold. I ran my hands on the smooth walls, and felt the hair on my body stand. There was something alien about all of this, and I felt uncomfortable in the midst of it all. The large redundant emptiness around me only added to the discomfort.

I feared that I might be lost, and could feel my heart pounding. I was scared, and alone in this strange labyrinth of halls.  I wondered if the halls had been made this way as a sick joke, the tyrant's way to drive anyone who dares to escape insane.

By now the map was forgotten, and I was too tensed to even attempt to bother with it. I realized that it had been many hours since I was gone, and if the stories were true, someone would soon be sent after me. The Hunter, they called him. Back down, we had heard stories of him, over our gruel on tired sweaty nights. None of the stories had happy endings. I quickened my pace even more, looking around for any signs of an exit.

As I hurried past yet another corridor, I sensed a change in the environment. The walls were less cold and the soft hum had reduced to a haunting silence. The doors were absent down a corridor to the right. It seemed to lack any purpose but to lead me somewhere, unlike the others I had walked through. I walked through it, and at the end of the corridor, saw a large red door - very different from the others I had seen.

It was a risk I had to take. As I stepped towards it, the door slid opened and the brightest light that I had ever known blinded me. And as I stood there screening my eyes, I felt a gentle warmth enveloping me. At that moment, something snapped in my head and I felt happy, happier than I had ever been

The End

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