Prologue, Page One

A boy at age of nine was given an extra heart, this turned him into a compeletly different person, but he lived on as a ghost along with the other heart. Now, a completely different soul controls his body, and can see both ghosts. There is no desire to change this connection, it is unclear if it is even possible. But that is not their story.


2234 November 12th, Wednesday

 The world faded in and out. Each time I regained consciousness I saw something different. The first time I awoke, I didn't see anything, just heard. Heard screams, and heard rain, thunder, and the crack of lightning. Heard the earth erupt, and heard the sound of a gunshot--no, not a: thousands.

The second time, the vision I saw was hazy with the occasion flash of light. Again, the sound tore through my head, making my skull pound as my soul begged to be released from this Hell.

The third time my vision was clearer, again, but this time it felt like something inside of me was running away, like my soul decided my head was a worthless exit and was trying to find some other way out. However, "soul" might be the wrong description. While I didn't fully realize it at the time, I was already beginning to lose my memory. This soul who was searching for an exit was my memory, slowly leaking out.

I woke up again to see red snow. I was hanging over someone's shoulder, and he was sneaking underneath the wreckage of airships and rocks. After a moment, he tossed me under the wreckage of one of the shipwrecks scattering the ground. The man followed me in and dragged me to where the metal supports seem to be the strongest. I couldn't remember anything at this point. I heard death holler through the air, but its reason for being here was unclear. The blood tainting the snow which fell from a sky in mourning did not make sense to me, and these ships surrounding the stranger and me could have been here for centuries rather than hours. Despite seeing my surrounding quite clearly and hearing the war going on around me, I still could not hear the words I saw the stranger speak, and shortly after he began his rambling, I was thrown back into unconsciousness.

When I woke fully, the tempest of snow and magic had turned into just regular rainy day. I rolled out from under the plane's wreckage, confused as to how I got there. My vision spun as I stood and I tried to remember what I could. Only the sound of gunshots and screams remained in my memory. At the time, I wished the rain would wash away those remaining horrors.

When the world stopped spinning, I stumbled across the field which held a war I had no recollection of--small needles of pain jabbed into my leg whenever I put my weight on it. I looked across the battlefield, the hint of burning corpses heavy on the air. Carrion birds dotted the earth, picking at the bodies littering the desolation. Across the field in a direction I assumed to be north, there was a forest, a welcoming mystical green against the gray clouds and burnt ground. I was only faintly aware of traveling closer to the forest.

The End

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