Chapter 1.3

James pointed to a huge hole in the wall where it appeared a section of the wall erupted. When Linda saw this, she asked, "How did this happen?"

"Do you remember," James replied, "the storm last night?"

"Yea!" Linda laughed. "Worst ever in Banner, Mississippi history they say." I just smiled and kept listening.

"Well," James resumed, "a lighting bolt struck one of my generator antennas, but the other one took up the slack." Linda tilted her head slightly to the left, listening very close to James.

"In this room," James continued, "I found the book we've been talking about."

"Room," I obtruded. "There's no room over there."

"That's what I've always thought, until last night. There's a set of stairs over there in the darkness that leads to a basement-like room. If I didn't already tell you what I found, you would've never guess it!" James concluded.

He walked toward a four level bookcase that was real close to the huge hole in the wall leading to the newly discovered basement, picked up a dark green, short handled flashlight, turned it on by the black switch near his thumb, and waved us toward the hole.

Through curiosity we followed, carefully watching where we were going. The concrete steps leading to the basement were steep and they had many chips and cracks all throughout them, showing that they were really old. Linda and I were so curious we didn't say a word, but kept very watchful of the areas James was shinning the batter-powered flashlight.

Most of the room had been protected from water, but you could tell the room wasn't built yesterday, if you know what I mean.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs James shined the flashlight on a poorly made, wooden bookcase, on the opposite side of the room. It had on the top shelf a few peices of paper, and only one book. The book looked old, if you know what I mean. The pages were probably fully yellow but at this moment, I couldn't tell for sure.

When James walked over near the bookcase, and picked up the book, he opened it. From the flashlight's light shining on the middle pages of the book, I could tell the pages were yellow.

James looked up at us and said, "Let me read the first page to you," and after looking back at the book he continued, "It starts by saying,

"Dear reader,

My name is Frank Miller, and you are reading an insert from one of my journals. If you keep reading, you will read about some of my recent inventions. These inventions are ahead of my time, so they in this moment in time, are unable to be built because I don't have the resources. But maybe you do! Please read on!

Frank Miller."

I personally was totally confused but Linda made us look good by saying, "Like what kind of inventions? What is he talking about?"

James gave a small, little giggle and then said, "Well, he mentions a mechanical machine, sort of like a computer, but I've never seen a computer described the way he did. And there are some I've never heard of before."

I thought I was asking a dumb question, but it turned out to have a good answer. I asked, "Well, like what are you going to do with the book, or journal?"

"Well, that's why I called you here." After a long pause, he continued, "I want you all to help me build one of them."

My first acknowledgement was a rejection. I blurted out, "What ever for?"

But Linda had a different reaction, by saying, "Neat! That would be great!"

Then James said, which startled us, "There's another reason why I feel obligated to continue his work .... He's my Great Great Great Great Grandfather!"

The End

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