Chapter 1.2

Without a word spoken we went to the back porch, jumped on our 10 speed mountain bikes, and sped away. We cycled through the open gate, leading to the park, and turned left, traveling to James' house. His house was about a quarter mile away.

As we traveled just right outside people's backyards, we passed out of the park and into an alley, having in the center of it a dust beaten-down trail, where our wheels touched the ground. At this point I asked, "Hey, what do you think it might be?"

"I don't know," she replied, "It might be another upgrade to Chip."

"I don't think that would be the case, because there was one just last week." Linda nodded as we turned to the right through an open gate, leading into James' backyard. We pressed on our brake levers, hooked to the top of our handlebars. Then we coasted to a quick stop, and Linda jumped off her bike first.

Linda opened the screen door, and as she heard the squeak of the door, she called out, "James! Hey, James we're here."

After letting me catch the screen door, she walked on in and I followed her, letting the door slowly close and lock in place.

James yelled from upstairs, "I'm up here!" Linda stepped up the stairs, a few feet away from the back door, and I followed. When we got to James' room, the one on the far right, James walked out and said, "What I want to show you is in the living room."

As I turned back toward the stairs, I complained, "And why did you make us walk all the way up the stairs?"

"Sorry," he replied, "it's just I was working on something in my room, like usual of course." Of course, James' always working on something. Hey genuises do, don't they?

When we were about half way down the stairs, I continued complaining, "So now what do you want us to see? It isn't an upgrade on Chip, is it?"

"No," James answered, "but it is something your mind can understand." At this, as we were turning the corner to the right, I gave a quick deep frown. "It is," James continued, "a great, educational book."

"A book!" I cried.

Just then Linda jumped in, saying, "Come on now, Jack. Let James finish what is he is saying, before you start complaining."

As we were passing the long kitchen and into the living room, James continued, "You haven't seen it. It is a wonderful historical journal."

Not this changed everything! It's not a book, it's a journal.

The End

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