Chapter 1.1

Something Old and Yellow

Everyone at one time has acted like a kid, foolish and ready to do anything. Everyone, that is, except James Miller! You could call him a kid genius! He loves reading science-fiction, 300-page novels, and anything else dealing with science.

He lives alone in an old house. His Mom died when he was a baby, and his dad mysteriously left just last year. Mom is a legal guardian, so he was fortunate for everything to work out so well.

During the past three years, since he was ten, he has been working on various science inventions.

His first invention was a helpful robot he named Chip. Chip is a skyscrapping six foot and two inches in height, and is four times stronger than the average male human. A few months ago, James reprogramed him with his own thinking abilities. James was really proud of this upgrade in Chip.

James is a skinny, short, and creative teenager. He stands at about four foot and ten inches. All of his friends are five foot and up, and his two best friends, Linda and I (Jack) live down the street from him.

Between his and Linda's house there is a slightly good size park where we always play on the jungle-gym and the swings. My house is right behind the park.

James set up a high-tech, homemade telephone system, connected to the electric wiring of our houses, forming a triangle.

One October afternoon after Linda and I got out of school, James called us on our homemade telephone. Linda at this time was over at my house doing her homework with me.

"Honey," my mom called out from the kitchen, "James' on the phone. He says it's important."

After putting down my pencil, standing up, acknowledging my mom and looking at Linda with a familiar look, I whispered, "Everything is important to James, isn't it?"

Linda nodded vigourously as I walked over to the wall Linda was facing. I picked up the handle to the phone and said, "Yo, what's up dude." 

On the other end of the phone line, James gave a small frown before saying, "Yea, I've got something to show you. Come over and see it."

"Sure, budd ... Linda's here, so we'll be right over." Hanging up the phone, I told Linda, looking at her, "He wants us to see something new or something like that."

The End

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