The Two Year Rift

Here's a story I wrote between the ages of 12 and 14. My handwritten copyright page says 1995 but that is probably when I finished it. I transcribe it as it was originally written.

Rain rushed down sounding like small hail crashing against anything in its path. Windows could phyisically be seen from the swaying trees. Lighting exploded everywhere and thunder grew with every roll. This was a severe storm!

Someone, clumsy and tired, stumbled out of the bedroom and slowly inched down the stairs. In the dark, he searched for the lights-on computer button panel, located on the other side of the stairs. When he finally found it, he pressed the palm size computer panel, activating the lights in the hall and living room in front of him.

He covered his eyes rapidly, for they weren't use to the bright lights yet. He slowly let his hands back down to his side, where they were a second or two ago.

Suddenly, a massive lighting burst seemed as to hit the house, the roof to be more accurate, but the house didn't shake and there was no evidence of a fire.

He looked around at the living room, and by now his eyes were fully adapted to the light. However, at this moment there were no more lights; the lighting bold must have hit the computer antenna on the roof, but there was no need to worry because the power would return shortly because red lights flashed from every computer panel in sight which meant the computer was working on the problem.

He looked at an antique wall clock on the back wall; it read 12:01, AM of course! He rubbed the sleep out his eyes, for he wasn't going to bed anytime soon.

All of a sudden the lights flickered and anything electronic turned on for a split second and were soon off. The person flinched and then heard a "Rumbling" sound coming from the east wall.  He moved slowly toward the wall, hesitant of what it might be. He stopped when the wall began to vibrate and moved out of the way just in time to escape an injury. He watched as the vibrating wall ruptured and shattered like glass. Wood and other materials flew all the way to the other wall, going so far as making dints in the wall.

After the dust settled, he gasped, "What in the world!" He looked down and saw a picture of him and his dad. As a tear rolled down his cheek, he remembered what his dad did, leave him to care for himself. It happened only last year!

He quickly wiped away the tear and turned to the newly made hole in the wall; it was dark and dust still drifted murkily. He spotted a dark green, short handle flashlight laying on a bookcase to the right of the hole; he carefully tip-toed over the debris and picked it up. After he turned it on, he shinned the light toward the hole; this was not an ordinary wall!

The End

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