The Twins Of Burning Wood

In a remote spiritual camp in Alaska, Raven uncovers an old letter from her estranged parents detailing the fact that she has two twin siblings at an institution. surprised and ready to heal them, she brings them to the camp where the journey of love and acceptance begins between her and her "partners"

I had always felt loved and joyful and special at Burning wood. I mean, why would I not? I lived my whole life here. this is my home. It is a place in which everyone loves you regardless of your outer shell and apperence as if that does not exist.  All anyone can ever see is your pure spirit. 

Every night, after evening prayers and cleansing,  I would take off my sandals and robe and dance around in my day gown until the time had come for the many lamps and lanterns and candles to be blown out. Then, instead of letting those voices in my head to move me around and control my every move, I would lie on the mat and  let them carried me of into morpheus.

I would awake every morning with those voices planing my day for me. And that felt very, very, good. One morning, the voices lead me into a small, room that I knew I was not allowed in until everyone else woke unless punishment and starvation for three days was on my agenda. this room was my shrine.

but still, my heart  forced me into entering the dark, colorful, beautiful room. In that room, I found an old, black, wooden, box with the colorful paint chipping off of the front. this was my box for the things used to put me in a trance.

Burning Wood uses trances during many prayers and rituals incase the human is unable to relax and forget about the hard, stressful day so they can fully understand what they are praying for and why they need to strip themselves of hate and anger.

But something was different; when I opened the box, the necklace was gone and in its place was a folded piece of paper. I left the room hearing the morning bell, went to my bed so I was not supicous, and the whole day, while I was eating, working, praying, and reading, I wondered and ached for that piece of paper. I wanted to read it.

The End

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