The twin princesses.

These two are very different. The eldest sister, who lives in a castle and wishes for a prince to come save her, in her Disney Princess lifestyle. The youngest sister, Who lives in California, and wishes to meet Marilyn Manson or Anne Rice one day. When these two meet... well, strange things start happening.

"Katherine! Get UP!"  Queen Ashley hissed, waiting for her daughter to come downstairs. The girl perked up and jumped downstairs, already in her favorite gown.  "Hello, Mama!" she smiled widely. ~ "GET UP ALREADY!" Aimee hissed, banging on the Goth girl's pitch-black door, trying to unlock the blood red doorknob. "NO." Came a voice.  Scarlett was laying on her bed, admiring the spiders she had hung from the Roof of her large room. She got off her cherry-wood canopy bed, leaving a wrinkle on her Plum purple blankets where she had been sitting, leaving one dark red pillow on the floor. She undid the ribbon holding the purple-red curtains on her bed, letting them flow around the bed. She walked on her black carpet, admiring her purple walls. she sat at her desk, then walked to her dresser. Black with a purple Vlad Tod sign on it, reading BITE ME in big letters. She pulled on her black combat boots, fishnet tights, a Vinyl skirt, a lacy black tank top, and a black blazer. she put on her favorite hat, a black tophat with a sparkly black rose on it, pinning a veil on the hat to hide her face. She adjusted her hat with a black-painted fingernail, then applied black lipstick, Mascara, and other needs. she made sure she wore her creepy choker, a black ribbon with a little, tiny skeleton hanging from it. Aimee sighed at the girl's outfit. "Try wearing something.. Pink." she said. "PINK?!" Scarlett shrieked, Blue eyes wide. "HOW DARE YOU!"  She hissed. "Scarlett, please try on something.. less creepy." she said. "Creepy is perfection." Scarlett replied and walked out of the house, snatching her Music Player and beginning to listen to If I Was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson. She walked out of the house, only to see a hearse drive by.. leading to the eerie, creepy mansion that had been abandoned for years. it was in the middle of a cemetery. Scarlett lived beside a cemetery, and she loved it. She visited each one of the graves every day, leaving flowers or sitting and talking to the departed. Her caretaker, Aimee, thought it was amazingly creepy. Scarlett ran after the hearse, eyes wide. A family walked into the mansion. Following them, was a sixteen year old girl in a very long, pink dress. it looked like something from the eighteen hundreds. even worse.... the girl was identical to Scarlett.

The End

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