The Twilight Zone: Episode 14XVI (He could be a Werewolf)

                                    Picture if you will...

The storm had knoccked down power lines for miles around the Smith family home. Most people in cars would be stuck, there for have to seek shelter. The Smith family home was the home for miles.

The family of four had a Father, a Mother, a boy (sixteen), and a girl (Ten). They lived in a huge house with wooden floors.

Knock. Mr.Smith stood up and rushed to the door. He opend it. A men in a suit stood on his porch with a cell phone in hand.

"Hello," the man said, "I'm Wolfgang Willow. My car was stuck up the hill. And, my phone died. My I use yours?"

"Of Course!" said Mrs. Smith, standing by her husband. "Do, follow me!" She lead Wolfgang to the kitchen.

The two kids sat in the T.V room, playing Sorry. The two had heard the aldults talking. They wanted to see tha man, and talk.

"Ok,well we will grab you some dry clothes to put on till your wife calls back." said there Mother.

They snuck around the conor into the kitchen, the man did not like a man. His face was hairy, and his arms the same.

"I think he's a were Wolf." the girl said.

To bad, for the Smiths.  If they only would have known this when the wolf eat the family.



The End

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