The Twilight Zone: Episode 14XV


A room hospital clean, antiseptic cold. The Dr. finally entered.  He was startled by what he saw,, a slim hand grasped his tightly,, the skin translucent.

The Dr. started with questions, they were a little strange,, do you have any family living, are you close to them,, but, the ad said relief that was all he wanted relief. 

He’d had the headaches since he was a child.  Never did find out why,,he’d had,,scans, psycho therapy and needle point, acupuncture whatever.  Still there was pain..the Dr.came back in and gave him a drink, never said a word just held the cup out.  He knew there was something in it,,he figured it was to relax him. 

Oh it was working cause when the Dr.faced him, there were no eyes in the sunken face.  Attempting to leave, he hit the floor.

He was awake! alive! no pain, at least not in his head but, his neck! that wasn’t all, his wrists, and his mouth.

Sitting in a chair, he placed his hands on the arms to pull himself up.  Black hands attached to white wrists hmmm..

God who's head did he have on..he moved to the mirror a face smiled at him,,not out of joy but sheer helplessness,,the sardonic smile, was caused by the missing lips. 

Turning to the door a laugh forced itself from between the teeth,, It made sense,, it made a lot of sense now, staring at the name, he laughed even harder..

Doctor Frank N Stein M.D.

The End

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