The Twilight Zone: Episode 12X: An American Education

In a time of hatred and ignorance this story i am about to tell happen as it unfolds...

...The stactic in the radio was even more present today than usual, Karim could not be more agravated he was looking forward to hearing the results for match that was about to finish in just three minutes at Old Thraford, United was playing City and he couldn`t take the day of if he wanted Id day off next week. How could some cultures not understand that their Christmas is as relevent to them as the day Christ was born was beyond him.

But as his younger daughter try to explain to him in order  to keep with time he needed to accept all diferences and that he was never going to change other`s people point of view.

He tought that for someone so young she was a bit too cynical.But his wife who knew him better than anyone in the world lately had made similiar comments. So maybe he should pay more attention to them and stop thinking that all people are good in nature.

The door to his cab opened  and a very tall man came inside.

" Goodnight sir, were can i take you ?"

" Well i just arrived in town and since i am here on business but as it is almost Chritmas and  i need to buy something for the family,  i am sort of short on timebecause  i go back in about four hours. Can you recomend a place ?"

Four hours, almost like asking for a Christmas miracle, and wasn`t this the season for them. " Well sir, don`t know your spending budget and tastes but there is this bazar just across town , near my own house  in Cheetham Hill, were you pretty much can find anything but  i have to be honest sir, it is a though neighbourhood, you may be a bit overdress for the place."

" Don`t worry my dear man just drives us to it ."

The radio sudently came to life and out of the blue a voice is heard loud and clear into the night.

" Amazing turn out , City that was loosing by one / nil, came after the break to score two goals, and at two minutes to the end it is 1-2 to City what a Christmas present they are getting folks."

Karim could barely believe his own hears, United about to lose ? Who would have tought it possible. With a smile on his face he starts to drive away from the curb when out of nowhere two men with  agun on their hands get close ti is window and demand all his money .

" Give me the money you, F... P...."

In the radio static is again present; funny how in the middle of all of this , stoping the car , openning the window a bit more; taking his notes bag out and giving it to them, the static is what he remenbers best of those couple of minutes. The radio had stoped working again. As soon as they had the money bag they left in a hurry, not bothering to look inside to see how much they had just robbed or nothing.

He just stood there like what seemed forever before he pull the car back into trafic, he look in the review mirror and asked his customer.

" Are you ok, sir ?"

" Me i am fine, for someone who was just robbed you are quite relaxed , you had a quiet morning they didn`t took that much money with them ?"

" No, sir . It was a busy morning i have made maybe about 600 in all, but that bag is just were i keep my empty bags for the coins sir, after last years robberies, my daughter bought me this one specificaly for the money taking .She said no fool would take a bag like this from a Pakistan cab driver and showed him the bag as the radio comes on once more ," Final score at Old Thraford, it is City 3- United 2, and that is it folks, City goes home with a very nice three points, Merry Christmas for the fans.", he lifts the bag high enough to be seen in the review mirror of poor quality , almost for sure made in China, this bag had the picture of the American flag on it. "

The man in the back  laughs together  with Karim and just like that , he felt that some people aren`t necessarily all good in nature.

" So do you still want to go to the bazar , sir."

The static plays on the radio...


The End

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