The Twilight Zone: Episode 11X: Flying Low

My sleep had been interrupted, by my own nightmare.  I couldn't quite remember it, just pieces.  It bugged me and I thought until my head literally hurt.
I downed the two Excedrin and headed towards the airfield. 
This was the day, I was so excited I couldn't be still, finally after all the talk and training and talk.. I was ready.  Solo Flight!
I raised a thumbs up at my instructor.  He gave me last minute instructions, I chimed right in with him on the last sentence.  He looked at me and I smiled.  "How'd you know I was going to say that?"   I thought for a minute, how did I know.. pfft..  "It just seemed like the most logical thing at the time."
I walked over to the little twin engine and put my hands up quickly as a tool fell off the wing.  The instructor looked at me again.  I shrugged.
Once in the cockpit, I tried to relax but a feeling, I knew what all the instruments were going to say before they were turned on, I knew how the engines sounded before they were engaged. 
Yes, it was a warning but, I pushed it aside as nerves, just nervousness at the thought of flying alone.
The plane was silent, the engine had died.  I remember my instructor telling me maybe I should have another week of lessons, I remember the feeling I pushed away.. I remember the nightmare.. 
The mountains were coming fast, I was flying too low!

The End

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