The Twilight Zone: Episode 10X: Belinda's Other Eye

Belinda  secretly closed the lid of her third eye as she adjusted her french twist over it. The stupid eye wouldn't always close when she wanted it to. There was always so much going on behind her that sometimes it took on a mind of it's own.

It was so hard to split up her conscious mind between her two eyes in front, and her one eye behind. She was getting so sick of the twist. It was so outdated. High school was hard enough without being the only girl in her class to wear a braided french twist. She was too young for such an adult style.

Maybe she could get her mom to cut it in a nice long layered style that would look good and still hide the eye. She had been born here on Earth, but she wasn't of the Earth. Her parents and her aunt and uncle had transported themselves from a planet she couldn't pronounce. Her parents ' solar system wasn't even on any of Earth's star maps.

The human doctor who delivered her fainted when her third eye winked at him. Luckily her hair had grown in fast. Until it did though, her parents always had a hat on her. Her dad had to mind wipe the doctor's memory of the eye.

She stared at the teacher, and tried to stay focused on the physics problems on the board. The eye had opened again, and it was watching Keith Davis, who was three seats behind her. Her eye watched Keith a lot. He was so cute. She wished that he would ask her out, but she didn't know what she would say if he did.

What would she do if he tried to run his fingers through her hair? What would she do if he tried to feel her up? She was fifteen years old and she hadn't even been kissed! She knew girls her own age that weren't even virgins anymore. Her parents would probably transport her back to the old planet if she had sex with a boy.

Belinda got up and collected her books when the bell rang. Another boring day at school. She wish she could go back to the old planet, but her parents wouldn't talk about it.  They said it was too dangerous, and that was all they would say about it. It was hard being a teenager under normal circumstances, but having a third eye made it even worse. Oh well, maybe someday she would visit her parents' home planet.

The End

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