The Twilight Zone: Episode 7x Population 62

Lainey sat in her sedan and gave the brand new GPS device on the dashboard a disgusted slap. This crappy thing had cost her almost as much as the  twenty year old heap was worth. She dug The map of Northern Ontario out of the mess in the glove box.

It was as much help as the GPS - none at all. She was trying to find her sister's new place somewhere between North Bay and the North Pole. She didn't know why Margot even wanted to lose herself up here in the middle of Hell's half acre.

Lainey had tried Map Quest, but Dead End Village was not listed anywhere in Northern Ontario. She hadn't seen or heard from Margot for months, which wasn't all that unusual. The way she finally heard from Margot however, was unusual.

Lainey had gotten a post card in the mail.  Margot didn't do post cards, in fact Margot didn't do "snail mail" at all. Ever since she got her first lap top at twelve, she rarely even wrote anything down. It was all emails and printed info.

This post card had said "Need your help. Come now."  It's only picture  showed a map of sorts, with several roads leading straight up from North Bay. There was a red line with arrows that served as directions, leading to a red X that said Dead End Village. She hadn't been able to get any other information on the whereabouts of this place, hence the GPS. It had turned out to be useless anyway.

She looked out the window and saw rocks and trees. That was pretty much all she had been seeing for the last 120  kilometres. Luckily she had thought of putting a couple of plastic containers of gas in the trunk. Just as she decided to give up and turn back, the car's engine started up all by itself.

The car made a turn off the black top she was on, and started down a dirt road. Lainey jumped all over the brakes, it didn't stop. She took the key right out of the ignition, with no effect. She tried opening the door to jump out, but it wouldn't budge.

The sedan left the dirt road and started crashing through a lightly wooded area, then kept going through a field. Lainey was frantic by this time. All she could do was look out the windshield and try to steer.

Suddenly, it began to slow down. There looked to be some kind of town ahead, literally out in the middle of nowhere.  As she approached it, she saw an old badly weathered sign. It read, DEAD END VILLAGE,  POPULATION 62.

She was given just enough time to read the sign when the car speeded up. It was going 150 KPH  down the main street of what seemed to be an abandoned ghost town. Suddenly, her sister walked out into the street, directly in Lainey's path!

Lainey screamed and turned the wheel with all her might. The car left the road and tumbled end over end down the slope of a deep ravine. It came to rest beside several other vehicles at the bottom, in varying degrees of decay.

As she sighed her last breath, the wraith of her sister Margot held Lainey in her arms, weeping silent tears. While the debris from Lainey's car settled with the others at the the bottom of the ravine, the sign changed to DEAD END VILLAGE,  POPULATION  63

The End

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