The Twilight Zone: Episode 5X: The Mendicant's Scarf

I thought that the title was "The Merchant's Scarf" so i wrote this in lue of that title instead of the real one. hope you like this story anyways.

The Merchants Scarf


            The warm winds of the desert sand blew through the markets of Cairo. Mini sand tornados spun through the legs of the merchants and passersby. Along with the hustle and bustle of the afternoon crowd, a tourist couple walks. Hand in hand with their love at an effervescent high, the freedom of the land made their embrace closer. Tables with trinkets and clothes lined the streets, covered in shadows by awnings of a colourful sort. The couple stops and looks at every stand, picking up objects. A man and woman stood behind a counter full of clothes, him smoking a filtered cigarette, sitting on boxes, she knitting a hat with two daggers. The couple, Steven and Josie Flanning stood at the front of the counter, neither the man nor the woman behind stood up to help.


“Excuse me?” said Steve. “Could you help us?”


The smoking man grunted in Arabic as the woman began to rise, she sat back down and continued to knit.  He hobbled towards the couple, noticing that the woman had picked up a yellow and green scarf.


“Ah yes, very wise choice” the merchant said in broken English.


“Do you like it Josie?” asked Steve.


“It’s beautiful” she replied. “How much?”


“For you, it is free, and yet, it comes at a price.”


“Price?” said Steve.


“That is a special scarf you hold, has great powers knitted in the thread.”


“What kind of powers?” asked Josie.


“It is said that whoever wears that scarf transforms into the last person who wore it.”


“Well?” said Steve, waiting for him to continue. “Who wore it last?”


“Nobody knows, it has been past on for a very long time.”


Steve turned to look at Josie.


“Honey, do you still want it?”


“He says it’s free, I doubt there’s anything bad to it at all”


“We’ll take it, can we get a box for it?”


The merchant spoke again to the knitting woman, she dropped the daggers and brought forth a box, her deep emerald eyes gleaming from between headdress and veil. She held out her hand towards Josie who gave the scarf over. Folding the scarf over, it seems like she was caressing it in a way, like she was saying goodbye. Handing the box over to the couple, they said their thanks and walked off back to the hotel to pack for the trip home to America. Tucking the scarf into a luggage suitcase, the couple had forgotten it until they unpacked at home the next day.


Steve sat in the den watching a football game of the T.V, eating some pizza picked up on the way home from the airport the night before. Josie walked in with the scarf in hand.


“Do you think it has powers like the man said?” she asked Steve.


“Don’t be ridiculous dear, the man was just a spook.”


Josie walked out to see how it looked on her in the mirror. Steve got up, went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. When he came back into the den, Josie was standing there, the scarf around her neck. Steve noticed something about her, she wore a makeshift veil around her face and a towel around her head for a turban. She carried something shiny in her hand, it was a knife, no, it was a dagger.


“Josie?” said Steve.


Dark Emerald eyes gleamed from between the headdress and veil. She took a step towards Steve, he took a step back.


“Who are you?”


My name is Yahkootah, but my victims call me Emerald Eyes.”


“And how are you here?”


There is a curse I placed upon this scarf, I come back to kill whoever wears it and everyone close to them.”


She steps towards him once more, the end of the scarf catching on the coffee table. She pounces at Steve, dagger drawn up. She falls to the ground, the scarf tangled around her neck. The dagger pierces through her lung in an awkward fall, and like sand in the wind, she evaporates into the air, scarf included. Steve stood there, dumbstruck.


A couple walks through the markets of Cairo, stopping at a clothing table. Sitting behind the table was a man and two women, he smoking a filtered cigarette, the women knitting hats with daggers. The smoking man gets up and hobbles over to the couple who are looking at a yellow and green scarf.


“Ah yes, very wise choice” the merchant says.

The End

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