The Twilight Zone: Episode 3X: Bus 211 to Somewhere Else

"Turn off the lights!" London tells himself. "Take a deep breath, whatever , whoever has been following you is about to pass"

London sat in the darkness of his bus, parked on the shoulder of a lonely highway.

He was on his way back to the depot, cruising along at 110 mp/h in a 90 zone with no carlights in sight. The radio whispered static, his contacts gone home after the night shift. Eating a roast beef sandwich, he neglected the road to put down the sandwich and open another beer. Looking back up, he noticed he had ventured halfway into the fast lane, he moved back into his lane then downed half his beer.  He made a check to see if there were any cars around that had seen his swirving. No cars in front of him, he hadn't passed anyone for the last few clicks. He checked his rear-view and saw something, a car maybe. He guessed that it was about a mile back from his position,  and it had it's brights on. But, the lights that shone from the front of it were red, giant red beams that seemed to have been plucked off a stop-light. He checked the road ahead of him again, but a curious feeling crept inside him to look back at the car. He glanced up and saw that the distance between the both of them had significant shortened.

"Must be doing atleast 150" London thought.

With his next turn coming up, London signaled to cross over into the left lane, considering it stupid to be signaling when no one is around. Without stopping, he spun the wheel to the left. Leaning into the turn, the bus arched up onto the shoulder but London controlled himself and settled it into the lane again. A few minutes, London checked the rear-view again and saw the red lights behind him again, close to a few kilometers away. He needed to know, if this car was following him, maybe it was a drunk patron from the bar tonight. It couldn't have been, he didn't stay long enough to pick a fight or argue, just enough for the sandwich and 6 pack. He spun the car off another turn that came up, glancing up frequently now to the mirror. Sure enough, the red lights came into view, it's eerie following now concrete in London's mind. Thinking that he could fool the driver to pass un-noticed, London remembered a small driveway big enough for him to back the bus into. Turning down a few more roads, a couple to the left and once to the right, he found that driveway, backed the bus up and parked. Hidden away from the road by trees, London was certain that the car, if it had been able to follow him, would pass by. Shutting the bus off, he sat in the dark and ate his sandwich. Finishing the sandwich, he reached for his beer, pulled it up to his lips, but before the liquid could touch his thirsty lips, red movement passed slowly on the road, several meters before the driveway, as if searching. London looked down at the dashboard, his front light display was still showing on.

"Turn off the lights!" London tells himself. "Take a deep breath, whatever, whoever has been following you is about to pass"

He flicked them off quickly, hoping that the car had not noticed.

He withdrew his breath from his lungs as his follower had passed. He was about to take a sip from his beer when the static from the radio began to dance. It started out soft, but grew in sound gradually, then dropped back down until it was almost nothing.

"White noise" said London "Probably a plane flying over head"

"London..” Faintly, his name spilled out of the radio.

 Freaked out, London grabbed for the microphone.

 “Hello?” he called into it.

Only static replied.

 Open the door London…”

 London yelled into the microphone.

 “Who are you!? What the hell do you want with me?”

 We want you to leave London, or you are coming with us”

 “Like hell I am!”

 Suddenly, the bright red lights flicked on, facing square with the bus, shining through the windshield and into Londons’ eyes.

 The bus began to shudder, bounced around as if trying to take off. London dropped his beer to the ground, it’s contents spilling around his feet as he grabbed for the steering wheel. London couldn’t help it, the red lights were hypnotic, as he bounced around in his seat, all he could do was stare into them, fixated as the bus lifted off the ground and took off through the sky.

The End

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