They're coming.Mature

I hit against a wall in a darkened alleyway, panting and trying to capture my breath. I've never ran so fast or so hard- then again, I've never had to run for my life before.

I just thought they were cute little animals. When I first heard the broadcast on the radio, I thought they were joking. A hoax, these things happen all the time. Alien invasions and everything...A "turtle apocalypse" was just the latest in this long line of news scares. And then...well when I saw Helen like that, I knew it was serious. I knew it had to be one sick freak to take a joke that far. Then when they banged down my door, I knew for certain it was no joke.

I saw from behind fencing how they ransacked my little two-by-four, torched it, then came for me. So I ran-it's the only thing I'm properly good at. God I'm so scared...I have to take deep breaths every now and again. It feels like one of those nightmares I used to have when I was six-when you wake up and you're in a cold sweat and your parents tell you it's all fine, you were dreaming, nobody's going to hurt you. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

I back behind a dustbin as I see their shadows, elongated in the eerie orange glare of streetlamps, advancing. Surely we can do something to stop them. As soon as I can, I'll find a group of us. We'll work together, we'll be clever and stop them and we'll rebuild the cities. Just like they managed to do in Morocco...right?

Oh my. I think they can smell me. Can I hear footsteps or is it just my imagination? Please God, please, help me. I'll just close my eyes. I'll keep quiet, and keep my eyes closed and when I wake up-

The End

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