The turtle apocalypseMature

The turtles are taking over the world! Just add your character's perspective on the doom of the human race at the hands of the turtles. This is a bit of fun, so be as melodramatic or ridiculous as you like.

They're downstairs. I can hear them creeping about, their strange cries echoing through the house. I grasp the hatchet handle. If they come up here, they're for it. Actually, why should I stay here? Fuck it, if I'm going to die, I'll die fighting! I start to shout and stamp. They start pouring up the stairs, armoured by their shells. Shit, they're bigger than I'd thought they were. The hatchet breaks on their shells. A tiny snapper latchesitself onto my foot. I manage to stagger away, back into the room. They're following, always following. Only one way out. I leap through the window. Straight into the arms of one of the giant ones. Bollocks.

I squirm, struggle and fight, but it's no use. I scream a cry of frustration. The sound stuns him, he drops me. I run as fast as I can away.

It's night now, and there's been no sight of them. I relax, hidden in the woods, and sit back to sleep. Maybe somewhere survived. Maybe I'll make it.

I wake up. There's a big fire, with  large pot on it. And I'm bound. Turtles. They pick me up, carry me to the fire. The pot's full of bubbling, steaming water. Oh god, no. Anything but that.

They throw me in. I feel my skin scald as I am dragged into a world of agony. I burst to the surface screaming. I'm trapped, helpless. I sink back under the surface. My last thought is that I'm also now dinner.

The End

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