Never Turning Back, Never Going Forward

Xavier settled of sleeping on the couch in her room. She was breathing at the same tempo of his, even though her dead heart was not beating. Her throat was burning for the esence of his neck on her lips, the sweet liquid running down her throat...

"No," she thought,"I can't think of that at a time like this!" She mentally slapped herself. Her kind was not allowed to be around the humans, even though she had gone to school with them. She had mourned that she could not go to school like a regular teenager, not run by Bloodlust. She was the only vampire in her school. She was able to make friends and fit in for one reason, she had a soul. Her parents had let her keep her soul, that was why she was in love. It was forbiden for vampires to fall in love with humans, unless they were about to be changed. She had broken the rule.

She felt no guilt, but that was normal. Vampires were not supposed to feel guilt, even if they had a soul. She had read all of the popular vampire books, the vampires in those books had money and big houses. Her family was wealthy, but they did not live in a big house. Some of the books that she had read cosisted of the main character falling in love with one of the vampire kind. It had never truly happened though. The books were fantasy, she was a fantasy. Her life was hidden, never truly revealed.

She did not care. Xavier shifted, yet again making his sent stronger. She moaned in protest. She rolled over looking to the sealing, she knew she could never go to sleep. That was one thing that she hatted. All of her "friends" at her school always yalked about the dreams they had with their crushes in them. She would never have that experience. She frowned at herself.

"Well you were born that way," a voice in her head said. The voice would come and talk to her time to time, keeping her company.

"I know," she thought back. "Sometimes I wish that I was born a human."

"Well to bad, your a vampy."

"Well duh, I have fangs don't I?"

Her conscience giggled. "Just pointing out the obvious."

Emery sighed, she was talking to herself. Sometimes she truly thought she was crazy.

The End

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