Facing It

Xavier studied her face while she spoke. Her face was covered in red blotches, tears were running down her cheeks. She was pausing every five seconds to regain the bits and pieces of her. Xavier still starred at her, even after she was finished. She could tell that he was trying to process a way to comfort her, after all that had happened.

"Where are you going to go? You don't have anyone to look after you," Xavier said. She had never really thought about it, the cops should have been at her house by now, telling her that she would have to be put in a foster home. She didn't want that, it was to hard. Taking people that wanted to be so much like your parents, but never filling the empty space in her heart.

She shook her head," I didn't think of that." she was still mourning over the fact that her family died. She was then crying again, more than before. She knew that her parents were murdered, her family wouldn never have let their guard down. Never.

He held her, and she gave in. The warmth of him was over whelming, and she couldn't get over his smell. Yes, it was true, she did love him. But he was not her boyfriend, he was only a friend. It was so hard for her to be around him, painful even. She could never resist the fact that he was not hers. Not yours, not yours, her head echoed. The pain had risen tremendously. Her teeth were crying for him, screaming at her. Her head always tried to make her do things she didn't want to do. She often had fight with herself.

"Do you want me to stay here with you," he asked. She wanted him to stay, badly. She had to keep her reputation up, for being a helpless girl.

"Yes, please. If that's ok." She gave him a serious look.

"It's fine, I'll just tell my mom that I'm spending the night at a friends house." He smiled. She smiled back, knowing it was going to be a rough night. Getting through hunger and all, but she liked it.

The End

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